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Daniele Senzani

Full Professor

Department of Legal Studies

Academic discipline: IUS/09 Public Law

Director of Second Cycle Degree in Legal Studies

Curriculum vitae

I) Academic Tenures


  • Public Law (First Cycle Degree in "Economics and Finance" - CLEF)
  • Administrative Law (Second Cycle/Two Year LLM in Legal Studies)
  • Law of New Media (Second Cycle Degree/Two Year Master in Innovation and Organization of Culture and the Art / Double Degree Università di Bologna - Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA).
  • Telecommunications Law (First Cycle Degree in "Ingegneria Elettronica e delle Telecomunicazioni").


II) Other Courses (Post-master Degrees)

  • Land Governance and Environmental Impact Assessment Law (SPISA).
  • Public Contracts Law (Master in Labour Safety - Department of Legal Studies).

Previous Academic Position and Tenures

  • Associate Professor of Public Law, University of Bologna (2005-2016)

  • Researcher/Lecturer of Public Law, University of Bologna (2002-2005).

  • Researcher at GRASP - Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (NL); research field: Market Regulation and European Law (1996-1998).


- Institutions of Public Law (2002-2014)
- Market Regulation (2004-2014)
- Competition and Public Procurement Law (2009-2017)
- Public contracts. Public-Private Partnership (2009-2017)

Scientific Activities

I) (recent) International Conferences

D. Senzani, EU regulation of the energy market. Limits and developments - International Academic Conference “Security and Regulation of the Energy Market”, May 2019, Faculty of Law and Administration University of Lodz – University of Katowice.

D. Senzani, Gobierno Abierto, Acceso a la Información y Transparencia, II Congreso Argentino de Control Interno “”, Sindicatura General de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Instituto de Auditores Internos de Argentinas, UADE, etc. -Buenos Aires, Octubre 2018.

D. Senzani, Social protection and competitive distortion under the EU Public Procurement Law - IV International Conference on Reform of the Public Procurement Law - Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Lodz, may 2017.

D. Senzani, Administración por Resultados y la Efectividad del Control Interno. Los Parámetros de Eficacia y Eficiencia entre Legitimidad y Mérito; I Congreso Argentino de Control Interno, Buenos Aires, Noviembre, 2016, Sindicatura General de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Instituto de Auditores Internos de Argentinas, UADE e Universidad de BA.

D. Senzani, Administrative discretion and anticorruption measures as form of pro-competitive regulation in public procurement; III International Conference “Reform of the Public Procurement Law Strategic Procurement”, Lodz, September 28-29, 2016, Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Lodz (PL).

D. Senzani, Repression (ex post punishment), prevention (ex ante measures) and control over discretionary proceedings, Workshop – International Conference Research Project “A Multidimensional Analysis on the Fight against Corruption Investment and Government Procurement”, Bologna, June 4, 2015, Sala della Magna Charta, University of Bologna.

D. Senzani, Urban planning and market competition: administrative regulation as a balance of interests; International Conference “Environmental Judicature Justice”, organised by the Center for Legal Assistance to Pollution Victims (CLAPV), China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL), Kunming, Yunnan, June21-22, 2014.

Further International Conferences: Nancy, 2013 and 2012 (FR); European Telecom Policy Wien, 1998 (FR); Eunip Abo, 1997 (FL); Eunip London Kings College, 1997 (UK); Eur Rotterdam, 1996 (NL).


II) Other Scientific Activities

  • Member of the Consejo Asesor Académico de la Escuela de Auditores del Estado - Fed. Rep.Argentina - (2017-onwards).

  • Member of the Scientific Committee - Master in Labour Safety and Protection, DSG (2014-onwards).

  • EUNIP Member (European network for industrial policy). Subject of interest: public services, spec. network infrastructures and role of Local Authorities ( “Research over European industrial policy on public utilities and public service activities; network based services”).

  • Co-Director of the Italian-French Research Program (University of Bologna - Nancy2 University) on "Local Authorities and Digital Network Communications" (2009-2013).

  • Main Research Fields: Anti-Corruption Administrative Measures. Market Regulation. Public Procurement and Litigation. Public Funding Law.

  • Research Projects (funded / co-founded projects: EU; MIUR; PRIN; RER; etc.) on:

    • Public Authorities and Anti-corruption Measures.
    • Local Autonomies, Legality Principle and integrity of Economic Systems.
    • Land Governance.
    • Market Regulation and Competition.
    • Public contracts and project finance. Public undertakings


III) Awards and Honors

  • (1996-1998) EU Commission: admitted to the program “Human Capital and Mobility".

  • (2003) Co-founder of "MEC-Microwave Electronics for Communications", as spin-off constituted by the University of Bologna and the University of Ferrara to develop researches on digital communications. The spin-off also won the MIUR's grant on technological innovation (MIUR Decree 24/02/2004).

  • (2004) CIVR Selected Book: D. Senzani, Liberalizzazione e modelli di regolamentazione delle telecomunicazioni, Cedam, Padova, 2003.

  • (2013) Université Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne: 1st prize GRALE (Groupement de recherche sur l'administration locale en Europe) awarded to the Ph.D. research program: “Collectivités territoriales et systèmes de régulation en matière de communications électroniques”. Scientific Directors: Prof. Yves Gry and Prof. Daniele Senzani.


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