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Daniele Gualdi

Professore a contratto

Dipartimento di Scienze Aziendali


1997 - Coordinates as a lecturer, a market research “An environment to development - survey on the needs, resources required, and the factors of interest to companies for new investments in the area of Cesena”. The research, commissioned and published by the Municipality of Cesena and SAPRO Ltd. spa, was conducted by students of "Macrelli".
Since 1999 - Associate publisher and author for Paravia-Bruno Mondadori, editor of Milan. For Paravia-Bruno Mondadori publishes articles and tutorials of Business Management in the magazine “Scuoladuemila” and in the editor's website. He also collaborated on textbooks. Is still author for the publisher Paravia-Bruno Mondadori (held by Paramond) about textbooks.
2001 - Author of the volume “The Virtual Enterprise”, Paramond, Milan: 2001. The 259-pages-text is aimed to teachers and students using business simulation courses and contains suggestions for an effective use of this innovative teaching methodology.

2001- Contributor of high school textbook volumes “Business Today” (S. Ruby editor, Bocconi University, Paramond 2001)for business technical Institutes.
He has published for Paramond the following items:
June 1999: “The human factor as a strategic element in business management”
December 1999: “The One Stop Shop for Productive Activities
February 2000: “The Business Simulation”
September 2000: “How to build a Virtual Enterprise”
October 2000: “The Virtual Enterprise and educational planning”
October 2000: “The Modular Planning in the Business Management”
April 2001: “The new law on company assets revaluation”
June 2001: “The management of  human resources in enterprises”
April 2002: “Budget Analysis for Indexes”
June 2002: “The organization of  ICT and companies”
June 2003: “Human resources management: fiscal adjustment, CUD and 730”
October 2003: “Pension funds and liquidation provision TFR”
June 2004: “Reclassification and budget analysis: a study case”
October 2004: “Evolution of human resources function: acquisition, employment contracts, new organizational models”
June 2005: “Accounting tools for the management control, budget analysis and settlement writings and closure of accounts”
October 2005: “The accounting recognition in spa companies”
October 2005: “The preparation of Annual Report”
June 2006: “The Annual Report as a product of the corporate information system and the role of information technology”
May 2007: “The information capacity of the financial statements and the determination of taxable income in corporations, in accordance with the provisions of the Income”
June 2007: “The financial statement general clause and international accounting standards by the adoption of IAS in the preparation of financial statements”
April 2008: “Innovation, enterprises and the role of human resources”
June 2008: “Taxation, ROE, budget”
June 2008: “The full costing and direct costing in business decisions”
January 2009: “The financial statements according to IAS / IFRS”
June 2009: “The business planning process”
October 2009: “The company taxation and the calculation of human resources costs”
June 2010: “Control, budgeting and marketing management in a medium sized company”
June 2011: “The financial statements and the business planning process. A study case of break even analysis”
June 2011: “The building of financial statements through the transformation of values in accounting book values and the determination of taxes for the year”
June 2011: “Marketing and the choice of distribution channels”

June 2012 : " IAS/IFRS and Balance Sheet

June 2012 : " Limits of budget analysis and budgetary control