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Daniel Andrew Finch-Race

Ricercatore a tempo determinato tipo a) (junior)

Dipartimento di Storia Culture Civiltà

Settore scientifico disciplinare: M-GGR/01 GEOGRAFIA


Daniel Andrew Finch-Race; Joanna Jordan; Annaclaudia Martini; Timothy Raeymaekers., Geographers Are Talking - About Waste, «ACME», in corso di stampa, In stampa, pp. 1 - 16 [articolo]

Ruolo editoriale nella rivista «Modern & Contemporary France»

Ruolo editoriale nella rivista «Storicamente»

Finch-Race, Daniel A.; Gosetti, Valentina; Kerr, Greg, Forms of unsiting in factory compositions by Leslie Kaplan and Joseph Ponthus, «JOURNAL OF CULTURAL GEOGRAPHY», 2024, 41, pp. 31 - 51 [articolo]

Finch-Race, Biodiversité et services écosystémiques dans "L'éducation sentimentale" de Flaubert, in: Biodiversité, enjeux écopoétiques, Milano, EDUCatt, 2023, pp. 19 - 42 [capitolo di libro]

Finch-Race, Daniel A., Industrial Wonders and Pitfalls in Agostino della Sala Spada's 'Nel 2073!' and Émile Souvestre's 'Le monde tel qu'il sera en l'an 3000', in: Italian Science Fiction and the Environmental Humanities, Liverpool, Liverpool University Press, 2023, pp. 235 - 250 [capitolo di libro]

Finch-Race, Daniel A.; Guaraldo, Emiliano; Malvestio, Marco, Introduction: Greening Italian Science Fiction - New Approaches to a Deep-Rooted Genre, in: Italian Science Fiction and the Environmental Humanities, Liverpool, Liverpool University Press, 2023, pp. 1 - 12 [capitolo di libro]

Finch-Race, Daniel A.; Gosetti, Valentina, Planetary gardening via female-led anthologies of women’s poetry in FrenchOpen Access

Gosetti, Valentina; Walsh, Adrian; Finch-Race, Daniel A, Reclaiming provincialism, «HUMAN GEOGRAPHY», 2023, 16, pp. 87 - 94 [articolo]Open Access

Daniel A. Finch-Race, An Ecofeminist Problem of Knowledge Production in Pietro Longhi's 'La lezione di geografia', in: Venice and the Anthropocene: An Ecocritical Guide, Venezia, Wetlands, 2022, pp. 131 - 134 [capitolo di libro]

Daniel Finch-Race; Valentina Gosetti, Démiurges ou démolisseurs? Lecture écopoétique des maçons de Bertrand, Blanchecotte, Poncy et Ségalas, «REVUE BERTRAND», 2022, 5, pp. 17 - 32 [articolo]

Daniel A. Finch-Race, Perceiving the Anthropocene as a Public Health Risk via Visual Culture, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CREATIVE PRACTICES IN CITIES AND LANDSCAPES», 2022, 5, pp. 29 - 42 [articolo]Open Access

Finch-Race D.A., Editorial: Hopes and Fears in Times of Ecological Crisis across the francosphère, «MODERN & CONTEMPORARY FRANCE», 2021, 29, pp. 99 - 114 [articolo]

Finch-Race D.A., Elemental Ecocritique of Normandy’s Industrial-Era Coast in Zola’s La joie de vivre, «MODERN & CONTEMPORARY FRANCE», 2021, 29, pp. 145 - 163 [articolo]

Finch-Race Daniel Andrew; Gosetti Valentina, Forms of Remembrance in the Sculpted Verse of Louise Colet, Anaïs Ségalas and Some of Their Male Contemporaries, in: Remembering Paris in Text and Film, Bristol, Intellect, 2021, pp. 187 - 209 [capitolo di libro]

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