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Cinzia Viroli

Full Professor

Department of Statistical Sciences "Paolo Fortunati"

Academic discipline: SECS-S/01 Statistics


Luca Parma; Alessio Bonaldo; Maurizio Pirini; Cinzia Viroli; Albamaria Parmeggiani; Erika Bonvini; Pier Paolo Gatta, Fatty Acid Composition of Eggs and its Relationships to Egg and Larval Viability from Domesticated Common Sole (Solea solea) Breeders, «REPRODUCTION IN DOMESTIC ANIMALS», 2015, 50, pp. 186 - 194 [Scientific article]Open Access

Saverio Ranciati; Cinzia Viroli; Ernst Wit, Spatio-temporal model for multiple ChIP-seq experiments, «STATISTICAL APPLICATIONS IN GENETICS AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY», 2015, 14, pp. 211 - 219 [Scientific article]

Cagnone S.; Viroli C., A Factor Mixture Model for Analyzing Heterogeneity and Cognitive Structure of Dementia, «ASTA ADVANCES IN STATISTICAL ANALYSIS», 2014, 98, pp. 1 - 20 [Scientific article]

Daniela G. Calò; Angela Montanari; Cinzia Viroli, A hierarchical modeling approach for clustering probability density functions, «COMPUTATIONAL STATISTICS & DATA ANALYSIS», 2014, 71, pp. 79 - 91 [Scientific article]

Anderlucci, Laura; Montanari, Angela; Viroli, Cinzia, A Matrix-variate Regression Model with Canonical States: an application to elderly Danish Twins, «STATISTICA», 2014, LXXIV, pp. 367 - 381 [Scientific article]Open Access

Cocchi, D; Cavaliere, G; Freo, M; Giannerini, S; Mazzocchi, M; Trivisano, C; Viroli, C., A support for classifying scientific papers in a University Department, «PROCEDIA ECONOMICS AND FINANCE», 2014, 17, pp. 47 - 54 [Scientific article]

C.A. Scirè; C. Viroli; M. Manara; M.A. Cimmino; M. Govoni; F. Salaffi; C. Montecucco; M. Matucci-Cerinic; G. Minisola, Development and Preliminary Validation of a Candidate Disease Activity Score for Gout, «ANNALS OF THE RHEUMATIC DISEASES», 2013, 72, pp. 48 - 49 [Scientific article]

Cinzia Viroli, Discussion on "Large covariance estimation by thresholding principal orthogonal complements” by J. Fan, Y. Liao and M. Mincheva, «JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL STATISTICAL SOCIETY SERIES B STATISTICAL METHODOLOGY», 2013, 75, pp. 655 - 656 [Comment or similar]

Luca Parma; Alessio Bonaldo; Maurizio Pirini; Cinzia Viroli; Fulvio Mongile; Erika Bonvini; Paola Parazza; Massimo Dall’Olio; Pier Paolo Gatta, Lipids and fatty acids composition of eggs in relation to larval quality from cultured common sole (Solea solea) broodstock, in: Aspa 20th Congress, Book of abstract, «ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE», 2013, pp. 92 - 92 (atti di: Aspa 2oth Congress, Bologna, June, 11-13 2013) [Poster]

Cagnone S.; Viroli C., A factor mixture analysis model for multivariate binary data, «STATISTICAL MODELLING», 2012, 12, pp. 257 - 277 [Scientific article]

A. Picardi; C. Viroli; L. Tarsitani; R. Miglio; G. de Girolamo; G. Dell'Acqua; M. Biondi, Heterogeneity and symptom structure of schizophrenia, «PSYCHIATRY RESEARCH», 2012, 198, pp. 386 - 394 [Scientific article]

C. Viroli, On matrix-variate regression analysis, «JOURNAL OF MULTIVARIATE ANALYSIS», 2012, 111, pp. 296 - 309 [Scientific article]

C. Viroli, Using factor mixture analysis to model heterogeneity, cognitive structure and determinants of dementia: an application to the Aging, Demographics and Memory Study, «STATISTICS IN MEDICINE», 2012, 31, pp. 2110 - 2122 [Scientific article]

A. Montanari; C. Viroli, Dimensionally reduced mixtures of regression models, «JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL PLANNING AND INFERENCE», 2011, 141, pp. 1744 - 1752 [Scientific article]

C. Viroli, Finite mixtures of matrix normal distributions for classifying three-way data, «STATISTICS AND COMPUTING», 2011, 21, pp. 511 - 522 [Scientific article]

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