Foto del docente

Chiara Lucifora

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Philosophy

Academic discipline: M-PSI/01 General Psychology


Lucifora C.; Grasso G.M.; Nitsche M.A.; D'Italia G.; Sortino M.; Salehinejad M.A.; Falzone A.; Avenanti A.; Vicario C.M., Enhanced fear acquisition in individuals with evening chronotype. A virtual reality fear conditioning/extinction study, «JOURNAL OF AFFECTIVE DISORDERS», 2022, 311, pp. 344 - 352 [Scientific article]Open Access

Vicario C.M.; Rafal R.D.; Di Pellegrino G.; Lucifora C.; Salehinejad M.A.; Nitsche M.A.; Avenanti A., Indignation for moral violations suppresses the tongue motor cortex: Preliminary TMS evidence, «SOCIAL COGNITIVE AND AFFECTIVE NEUROSCIENCE», 2022, 17, pp. 151 - 159 [Scientific article]Open Access

Carmelo M Vicario, Sonia Turrini, Chiara Lucifora, Laura Culicetto, Francesca Ferraioli, Alessandra Falzone, Michael A Nitsche, Alessio Avenanti, When defeat leaves a bad taste in the mouth: Modulation of tongue corticobulbar output during monetary loss in a gambling task, «BRAIN STIMULATION», 2022, 15, pp. 1448 - 1450 [Scientific article]Open Access

Lucifora C.; Grasso G.M.; Perconti P.; Plebe A., Moral reasoning and automatic risk reaction during driving, «COGNITION, TECHNOLOGY & WORK», 2021, 23, pp. 705 - 713 [Scientific article]

Vicario C.M.; Lucifora C., Neuroethics: What the study of brain disorders can tell about moral behavior, «AIMS NEUROSCIENCE», 2021, 8, pp. 543 - 547 [Scientific article]Open Access

Lucifora C.; Cevolani G., Ethical and cognitive challenges in the COVID-19 emergency, «RIVISTA INTERNAZIONALE DI FILOSOFIA E PSICOLOGIA», 2020, 11, pp. 327 - 340 [Scientific article]

Lucifora, C.; Grasso, G.M.; Perconti, P.; Plebe, A., Moral dilemmas in self-driving cars,Dilemmi morali nelle automobili a guida autonoma, «RIVISTA INTERNAZIONALE DI FILOSOFIA E PSICOLOGIA», 2020, 11, pp. 238 - 250 [Scientific article]

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