Foto del docente

Camilla Colla

Adjunct professor

Department of Chemistry "Giacomo Ciamician"

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Department of Architecture


Keywords: Diagnose, non destructive tests, cultural heritage, historic structures Masonry, timber, concrete, post-tension concrete Energy efficiency, historic structures, buildings, whole diagnose, reuse, comfort, climate change, material decay

  • Principles of methods based on wave propagation
  • Non-destructive  and minimally invasive tests: further development of techniques and new applications
  • Advanced testing techniques and image diagnostic
  • Development of natural and accelerated ageing methodologies of materials and structural elements
  • Laboratory calibration and field validation of testing techniques and approaches
  • On-site survey of damage: damage mechanisms  and crack pattern survey
  • Combined use of non destructive testing techniques and assessment of mechanical properties
  • Masonry arch bridges: investigations for the non destructive assessment
  • Energy efficiency in historic buildings and cultural heritage
  • Diagnose of concrete structures
  • Non-destructive monitoring of FRP and defect identification
  • Diagnose of historic masonry structures, archaeology and cultural heritage
  • Smart monitoring of structures and microclimate, wireless sensing
  • Diagnose of timber structures
  • Mapping of moisture distribution and salt crystallization in masonry, evaluation
  • Coupled issues of physical-chemical and mechanical damage in masonry