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Bojan Bilic

Adjunct professor

Department of Political and Social Sciences


Lecture at the University of Melbourne

Published on: September 14 2023

Student's impressions about the course Gender and Social Movements

My country is at war with me. Its hatefulness for dissenting bodies pierced through my soul, extracting all the light and love I was desperately trying to harbor. Determined to banish me from contesting their hegemonic practices, nationalism, capitalism and heteronormativity invaded the minds of others ...

Published on: August 29 2023

Thesis Writing Seminar

Recordings, presentations, and other relevant material is available here:    This seminar offers students a practical, hands-on, assistance with their papers and MA thesis writing by familiarizing ...

Published on: May 01 2023

Jelena Savić in Forlì - MIREES Workshop Series

Gadjo Women’s Burden: Critical Romany Approaches to Post-Socialist Feminism 20 February 2023 – Lecture Roma are one of the most racialized communities in Europe. While Holocaust in Europe is known as a genocide of European Jewish population, it is hardly remembered as such when it comes to ...

Published on: February 16 2023

Susan Stryker about the volume Transgender in the Post-Yugoslav Space

“This path-breaking collection of post-Yugoslav transgender scholarship provides vital insight into critical refigurations of trans discourse on Europe’s eastern periphery that we in the West would do well to heed.” Susan Stryker, Executive Editor, TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly

Published on: August 02 2022

Una perla dei corsi MIREES - Student evaluations 2022

"Corso stimolante, estremamente utile ed approfondito, tenuto dal professore con passione, disponibilità e professionalità. Una perla dei corsi MIREES."

Published on: August 01 2022

The Gift of Gender: scoprendo la diversità nei tempi di guerra

Published on: June 19 2022

Keynote lecture in Tbilisi, Georgia

Published on: February 24 2022

New Volume: Transgender in the Post-Yugoslav Space Lives, Activisms, Culture   Written by an interdisciplinary collective of authors, this powerful book documents the largely unknown histories and politics of trans lives, activisms and culture across the post-Yugoslav states. The volume sheds light ...

Published on: February 02 2022

New Book: Trauma, Violence, and Lesbian Agency in Croatia and Serbia

Trauma, Violence, and Lesbian Agency in Croatia and Serbia: Building Better Times London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2020 This book uncovers some of the major moments in the fragile and still poorly known herstory of feminist lesbian engagement in Serbia and Croatia. By treating the trauma of war, homophobia, ...

Published on: November 11 2019

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