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Barbara Bacci

Associate Professor

Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences

Academic discipline: VET/03 Veterinary Pathology


Sharman, M.*; Bacci, B.; Simpson, K.; Mansfield, C., Comparison of in vivo confocal endomicroscopy with other diagnostic modalities to detect intracellular helicobacters, «THE VETERINARY JOURNAL», 2016, 213, pp. 78 - 83 [Scientific article]

Fraser, A.R.; Bacci, B.; le Chevoir, M.A.; Long, S.N., Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor and Ki-67 Expression in Canine Gliomas, «VETERINARY PATHOLOGY», 2016, 53, pp. 1131 - 1137 [Scientific article]

Organ, Louise*; Bacci, Barbara; Koumoundouros, Emmanuel; Barcham, Garry; Kimpton, Wayne; Nowell, Cameron J.; Samuel, Chrishan; Snibson, Ken, A novel segmental challenge model for bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis in sheep, «EXPERIMENTAL LUNG RESEARCH», 2015, 41, pp. 115 - 134 [Scientific article]

Wijesurendra, Dinidu S.*; Kanci, Anna; Tivendale, Kelly A.; Bacci, Barbara; Noormohammadi, Amir H.; Browning, Glenn F.; Markham, Philip F., Development of a Mycoplasma gallisepticum infection model in turkeys, «AVIAN PATHOLOGY», 2015, 44, pp. 35 - 42 [Scientific article]

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Organ, Louise*; Bacci, Barbara; Koumoundouros, Emmanuel; Barcham, Garry; Milne, Marjorie; Kimpton, Wayne; Samuel, Chrishan; Snibson, Ken, Structural and functional correlations in a large animal model of bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis, «BMC PULMONARY MEDICINE», 2015, 15, Article number: 81 , pp. 81 - 95 [Scientific article]Open Access

Bacci, B.*; Whiteley, P.L.; Barrow, M.; Phillips, P.H.; Dalziel, J.; El-Hage, C.M., Chronic phalaris toxicity in eastern grey kangaroos (Macropus giganteus), «AUSTRALIAN VETERINARY JOURNAL», 2014, 92, pp. 504 - 508 [Scientific article]

Sabattini S; Mancini FR; Marconato L; Bacci B; Rossi F; Vignoli M; Bettini G, EGFR overexpression in canine primary lung cancer: pathogenetic implications and impact on survival, «VETERINARY AND COMPARATIVE ONCOLOGY», 2014, 12, pp. 237 - 248 [Scientific article]

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Massimo Vignoli;Rossella Terragni;Federica Rossi;Lukas Frühauf;Barbara Bacci;Lorenzo Ressel;Ombretta Capitani;Laura Marconato, Whole body computed tomographic characteristics of skeletal and cardiac muscular metastatic neoplasia in dogs and cats, «VETERINARY RADIOLOGY & ULTRASOUND», 2013, 54, pp. 223 - 230 [Scientific article]

Millanta, F.; Asproni, P.; Cancedda, S.; Vignoli, M.; Bacci, B.; Poli, A.*, Immunohistochemical Expression of COX-2, mPGES and EP2 Receptor in Normal and Reactive Canine Bone and in Canine Osteosarcoma, «JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE PATHOLOGY», 2012, 147, pp. 153 - 160 [Scientific article]

Sabattini S; Mancini FR; Bacci B; Rossi F; Vignoli M; Marconato L; Bettini G., EGFR expression and air pollution carcinogenesis in canine primary lung tumours, in: Proceedings of the 2011 Annual Congress of the European Society of Veterinary Oncology (ESVONC), s.l, European Society of Veterinary Oncology, 2011, pp. 20 - 20 (atti di: Annual Congress of the European Society of Veterinary Oncology (ESVONC), Glasgow (UK), 24-26/03/2011) [Abstract]

Vignoli, Massimo; Barberet, Virginie; Chiers, Koen; Duchateau, Luc; Bacci, Barbara; Terragni, Rossella; Rossi, Federica; Saunders, Jimmy H., Evaluation of a manual biopsy device, the 'Spirotome', on fresh canine organs: Liver, spleen, and kidneys, and first clinical experiences in animals, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CANCER PREVENTION», 2011, 20, pp. 140 - 145 [Scientific article]

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