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Barbara Monti

Full Professor

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Academic discipline: BIO/09 Physiology

Head of Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology


Monti B; Polazzi E; Batti L; Crochemore C; Virgili M; Contestabile A., Alpha-synuclein protects cerebellar granule neurons against 6-hydroxydopamine-induced death., «JOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRY», 2007, 103 (2), pp. 518 - 530 [Scientific article]

Monti B; D'Alessandro C; Farini V; Bolognesi A; Polazzi E; Contestabile A; Stirpe F; Battelli MG., In vitro and in vivo toxicity of type 2 ribosome-inactivating proteins lanceolin and stenodactylin on glial and neuronal cells., «NEUROTOXICOLOGY», 2007, 28 (3), pp. 637 - 644 [Scientific article]

Monti B.; Berteotti C:; Contestabile A., Subchronic rolipram delivery activates hippocampal CREB and Arc. enhances retention and slows down extinction of conditioned fear., «NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY», 2006, 31, pp. 278 - 286 [Scientific article]

CROCHEMORE C.; PENA-ALTAMIRA E.; VIRGILI M.; MONTI B.; CONTESTABILE A., Disease-related regressive alterations of forebrain cholinergic system in SOD1 mutant transgenic mice, «NEUROCHEMISTRY INTERNATIONAL», 2005, 46(5), pp. 357 - 368 [Scientific article]

Monti B.; Berteotti C.; Contestabile A., Dysregulation of memory-related proteins in the hippocampus of aged rats and their relation with cognitive impairment., «HIPPOCAMPUS», 2005, 15, pp. 1041 - 1049 [Scientific article]

Contestabile A.; Monti B.; Contestabile A.; Ciani E., Updating the dual role of brain nitric oxide in neurodegeneration/neuroprotection: understanding molecular mechanisms to devise drug approaches., in: Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry, Vol. 2, HILVERSUM, Bentham Science Publishers Ltd., 2005, pp. 63 - 109 (Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry) [Chapter or essay]

MONTI B.; VIRGILI M.; CONTESTABILE A., Alterations of markers related to synaptic function in aging rat brain, in normal conditions or under conditions of long-term dietary manipulation, «NEUROCHEMISTRY INTERNATIONAL», 2004, 44, pp. 579 - 584 [Scientific article]

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