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Antonio Rocco Carile


Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

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Professor full tenure



From 1976 till, as a matter of right,  2010?

Byzantine Civilization

Università degli Studi di BOLOGNA


(Department: “Histories and Methods for Cultural Heritage Preservation”)






The full curriculum  can be read  in:

and here under Altre Pubblicazioni

and in print: A. CARILE, Le opere e i giorni 1964-2005, BOLOGNA 1999-2003, pp. 126.

1970 - 1996   Professor in   Bologna

1996 -            Professor in Bologna detachment of Ravenna


2000 -                 Professor ad honorem of the Lomonosov University in Moscow

  from 1981 he is the director of the  "Rivista di Bizantinistica", the series of the  Quaderni della Rivista . He is the director from  1981 of two series near Bologna Editors  and near the CISAM of Spoleto


from 1985 member of the Scientific Committee of the  CISAM  8Centro Italiano di Studi  sull'Alto  Medioevo di Spoleto)

member  of the Scientific Committee of the  Seminari  Internazionali di Studio "Da Roma alla Terza Roma"

Research  Fields

                            He has proposed a system of classification of  manuscripts of the inedited Venetian chronicles based on the textual form of a choice of  facts related in the chronicle (1969), which led to a “Virtual Library of Venetian and Ravenna Chronicles” funded by the Italian Ministry of Culture (2002-2004) and to a permanent “Laboratory of Chronicles” in the Department of Histories and Methods for Cultural Heritage Preservation of the University of Bologna in Ravenna (2004); he has given the critical edition of the treaty of division of the Latin Empire of Constantinople (1965); he has studied the Latin Empire of Constantinople (1204-1261) (1964, 1978 2nd ed.); he has given a reference book on the origins of Venice (1978) and he has devoted much attention to the coastal towns of the Adriatic Sea (Ravenna 2004, 1991 and 1992, Pesaro 1989, Ancona 1973) under the historical profile. He has analyzed many symbolic aspects of the byzantine political thought for a complex of 263 items.

Academic Curriculum

1965-1970: Secretary of the Institute "Venezia e l'Oriente", Cini Foundation (Venice).

1971: “Libera Docenza” in Medieval History.

1976: “Prof. Straordinario” of Medieval History.

1979: Tenure Professor of Byzantine History, Univ. of Bologna.

In addition to his main teaching:

1969-1971 Byzantine Philology;

1971-1975 Medieval History;

1973-1979 Byzantine History;

1986-1990 Medieval History of Eastern Europe.

Administrative Functions:

1977-1979: Dean of the Faculty of “Magistero” - Bologna Univ.

1988/96: Dean of the Humanities Faculty - Bologna Univ.

1996-2002: Dean of the Faculty of Cultural Heritage Preservation – Bologna Univ.

1989-1995: Director of the “Scuola diretta a fini speciali per archivisti” - Bologna Univ.

1988-1990: Co-director with Omeljan Pritsak of Int. School for the Study of Eastern Europe, E.Majorana Center (Erice).

1981 Director of "Rivista di Studi Bizantini e Slavi", since 1989 "Rivista di Bizantinistica", since 1999 "Bizantinistica".

Since 1985 Member of the Scientific Board of the Centro Italiano di Studi sull'Alto Medioevo – Spoleto, since 2001 member of the Board of Amministration.

1994 Member of “Istituto Italiano per il Medio ed Estremo Oriente” (IsIAO, ex ISMEO).

1996 honorary member of Panrussian Society of Medievalists and Modernists.

2000, nov.: Professor “honoris causa” of the Lomonosov University of Moscow.

1986 "Melvin Jones Fellow".

1980: Member of the Italian Comitee of UNESCO-MAIRSK (Intern. Association for the Study and Diffusion of Slavic Cultures).

2002: effective academician of the Academy of Sciences of Bologna.

2004-2007: Director of the Department of Histories and Methods for Cultural Heritage Preservation of the University of Bologna in Ravenna.

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