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Antonio Peretto

Full Professor

Department of Industrial Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/08 Fluid Machinery


Tesis/Tirocinio Turbomachinery design with Matlab code

The study is related to the design of a Turbomachinery embedding the working equations in Matlab code with the aim of design the Turbomachinery cascade. Period: 3/6 months. Difficulty medium/high.

Published on: December 19 2022

Shock losses in transonic compressor cascade

The thesis is related to the evaluation of shock losses in transonic compressor cascade. Period 4-6 mesi. Medium difficulty.

Published on: November 11 2022

Thesis related to the analysis of performance of transonic compressor blades

The Thesis concerns the employment of CFD with the aim to evaluate the performance of transonic compressors cascade. Time about 4 months, medium difficulty.

Published on: November 11 2022

Thesis: Employment of the complex potential in the field of Turbomachinery

The complex potential will be used for the prediction of the flow deflexion in axial and centrifugal compressors. Thesis of medium-high complexity with the possibility to get maximum score. (it is remarkable that the student has knowledge in the filed of complex analysis with matlab) In particular: - ...

Published on: September 06 2022

Thesis: Analysis of losses in the turbomachinery cascade

The losses may be quantified utilizing Prandtl theory on boundary layer. The thesis is of medium difficulty and takes about 4 months. Matlab code may be employed.

Published on: September 06 2022