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Angelo Piazza

Adjunct Associate Professor

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

Academic discipline: IUS/01 Private Law

Curriculum vitae

Presently Associate Professor of Private Law, Bologna University, Faculty of Sports Science;
Professor at the School of Economics and Finance of the Ministry of Economy and Finance until April 28, 2010;
Permanent faculty of the School of Public Administration from March 1, 1997 to January 31, 2001;

Defence lawyer at the Cassazione Court;
Law degree at Bologna University,

Institutional activities as a lawyer and magistrate of the state administration

National political and administrative positions.
Cultivated scientific and didatic activities, until becoming a lecturer at Bologna University.

In particular:
Lecturer at the Faculty of Political Sciences, Bologna University, 1989-1990 (Political - International - Department of Institutions of Public Law);
Lecturer at the School of Specialization in Administrative Sciences Bologna University 1989-1990, 1990-1991, 1991-1992;

Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Economics at Bologna University,

Degree course in Tourism Economics, in Commercial Law 1995-1996;

Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Sport Sciences, Bologna University in private law 2001-2002;

Gave seminars and lectures on public and private law at the same school of specialization, at the Legal Institute of the Law Faculty Bologna University at the School of Public Administration (Bologna);

Lecturer at the Notary School at the Notary Council of Bologna in 1988 and 1989;
Lecturer in the course of preparation for the contest for judicial auditor at the Institute of Forensic application of Bologna University , approved by the Superior Council of Magistracy AA 1993-1994 AI. A. 1995-1996;

Lecturer in Advanced Training Course on "Management of interests and institutional relations" Department of Sociology and Communication La Sapienza University (in collaboration with LDM Communications);
Professor - preparation course for Chartered Accountants' 2006-2008 (organized by the Foundation of Chartered Accountants of Bologna);
Member Scientific Committee on the " Integrated Draft Action for Sustainable Development" Formez Centre for Training and Studies - July 2000;
Member of the Scientific Committee on "Master in Private Law of Communication - Bologna University Faculty of Law 2001-2002;

Member of the Scientific Committee of the Master in Communication and Information Food and Nutrition - Rome University- Department of Food and Nutrition / School of Economics and Finance 2001-2002;
Member of the Chamber of Conciliation and Arbitration for Sports at the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI), expert in sports law; on Presidents' list;
Member of the National Court of Arbitration for Sports (CONI) since January 2009;

Seminars and Conferences:
- Conference on "Contracts for the execution of public works and forms of cooperation among enterprises", Trento, 1987 (Autonomous Province of Trento);
- Study Day on "The concessions for the execution of public works, Trento, 1988 (Department of Law of the Università degli Studi di Trento);
- Seminar on "Legal Discipline of craft," Mestre, 1988 (Institute for the training of regional and local authorities-ISAPREL-Venice);
- Seminar upgrading skills for officials of the Università degli studi di Bologna on "Implementation of administrative decentralization and accounts referred to art. Law No 4 23/1986 ", Bologna, 1989 (Università degli studi di Bologna);
- Seminar for staff training for personnel on Enel contracts, administration, and unfair terms, Bologna, 1990 (Ente Nazionale Energia Elettrica);

- Study Day on "Law March 19, 1990 n. 55 - New rules for the prevention of mafia crime and other serious forms of manifestation of social dangerousness ", Trento, 1990 (Department of Legal Sciences of the Università di Trentoand the Autonomous Province of Trento);
- Seminar on "Trends and perspectives of environmental legislation", Ravenna, 1992 (University of Bologna - Fondazione Flaminia) Study Meeting and Officers Training of the University on "Problems of application of Article. Law No 6 537/93 ", Bologna, 1994 (Università degli studi di Bologna);
- Seminar on "Administrative control, administrative responsibility and criminal liability in the Public Administration", Bologna, 1994 (Department of Institutional Affairs and Vocational Training Department Emilia Romagna Region);
- Roundtable on "Administrative reform and accountability of public officials", Bologna, 1995 (Università degli studi di Bologna);
- Conference "Authority at a crossroads: the proposals for a framework law", Rome, November 1999
- Conference "Public works and new frontiers of associative autonomy", Bologna, June 2000;
- Conference "The transfer of functions to the regions and local authorities under Law No 59/97: the centrality of the citizen and the subsidiarity principle in the new framework regulated directions ", Grosseto, Palazzo del Governo, June 2000;

- Conference on "Public procurement: Consortiums, Associations and Companies" Bologna, October 2000;
- Conference on “Public procurement. What will change? New Merloni law and objective law "Milan, March 2002;
- Conference "The Web in the Pharmacy, a network of services for Public Health and the health of the citizens" Bologna, May 2002;
- Conference "Citizens Services, the role of municipal enterprises, the role of private social" Rome, October 30, 2002;
- Conference "Civil and criminal liability of the physician - responsibility of hospitals" Fermo (AP) November 9, 2002;
- Conference "Territorial and Health Care Systems - Health Care and federalism" Rome, November 21, 2002;
- International conference "The evolution of the gaming system: a comparative analysis" Rome, February 27-28, 2003;
- Roundtable on "The new set of CONI: reflections on the world of sports" Bologna, April 8, 2003;
- Advertising and Internet Seminar, Milan, Institute dell'Autodisciplina pubblicitaria, April 10, 2003;
- Seminar on "Communication in Local Utilities" Rome, Confservizi, June 9-10, 2003;
- "VI National Conference on the quality of local public services" - The instruments, policies and indicators of quality in local public services. Confservizi, Palazzo Barberini, Rome, June 11-12, 2003;
- Speech at the Conference "The air transport in Europe's Regions - The Airport System of Lazio, RomeHall Vanvitelli State Attorney General's May 3, 2007;
- Professor of the Masters "The defense of the Public Administrations in administrative proceedings" organized by School of Economics and Finance "Ezio Vanoni" - Department of Legal Sciences, 2009;

- Speaker at the Conference "Safety in the stadiums" organized by Accademia delle Scienze, February20, 2009;

- Conference organized by Centro Studi Demeter "The transposition of the Directive. Rights and safety of air transport" - Speech on "Airport rights: regulatory framework and new perspectives", July 2009;
- Lecturer at the Advanced Training Course "The application of anti-money laundering legislation in national and international banking and financial system", organized by the Università degli studi di Bologna "Alma Mater Studiorum", January 15, 2010;
- Lecturer at the Conference "Reform of the labor process related to employment, conciliation" organized by the Università Telematica Pegaso, March 2010;

Research activities:
- Contracts of Public Administration, with particular emphasis on private negotiations (commissioned by the Department of Law of Economics of the Università degli studi di Bologna, 01/29/1988);
- Processing and analysis of normative material, jurisprudential and doctrinal issues in research on the law 349/86 establishing the Ministry of the Environment (Regional office of the Institute of Legal Studies of Udine 01/22/1988);
- Group legal work within the project of research and testing on the applications of artificial intelligence to the law and usage on the regulations about Environmental Impact Assessment - EIA (Convention Università degli studi di Bologna - CIRFID - Emilia Romagna Regional Council May 25, 1988);
- Study and research for the preparation of a draft law on the final structure of the special project for employment (commissioned by the office of the Autonomous Province of Trento 07/14/1989);
- Research "Establishing a general framework of the Consolidated Law on organization and functioning of the National Health Care Service, pursuant to art. 4 Law n. 419 November 30, 1998, (commissioned by the LUISS Free International University for Social Studies - Rome);
- Detailed legal studies on legal powers distribution and responsibilities among Member States and the Commission in the planning and management of structural funds;
- Economic and legal assessment of emerging patterns of organization of local public services in Italy and Europe;
- Procedures for infringements of Community law;
- Profiles of the Community Public Private Partnership (PPP);
- Discipline of Government and integrated waste management among the European Union, Countries, Regions and Local Authorities;
- New methods, national and international, in the implementation and management of infrastructure and environmental services, with particular emphasis on the study of Public Private Partnership as a model of development and environmental protection;

Scientific Publications:
- "Termination of the contract office of public works. Problems of judicial protection of the contractor ", in Riv. Trim. Apt, 1987, pp. 719 ff.;
- "The collaboration among companies in the contract for the execution of public works” edited by F. Mastragostino, Padova, 1988 (Chapter V: The subjective changes in the composition of the temporary grouping of companies during the execution of public works);
- "The statement of evidence in the administrative process: from decision n. 146/87 of the Constitutional Court to the prospects of legislative reform", in the right. Adm. Em.Rom., 1988, V, pp. 192 ff.;
- "Negotiation in the Public Administration contracts. Regulatory framework and guidelines in jurisprudence ", in Riv. Trim. Apt, 1989, pp. 967 ff.;
- "The new local regulation" edited by E. Rotelli, Milan, 1993 (Chapter XII: litigation);
- "Damages in public procurement (Article 13 Law No 142/92) and judicial protection before the administrative judge" in Proc Dir. Admin., 1995, I, pp. 29 ff.;
- "Liability of public directors and public officials: ideas for a cost-benefit analysis," Administrative reform and accountability in the civil service, Paper works of the School of specialization in administrative law and science of administration, Bologna, 1996;
- "Art. 1469-ter, paragraph 3, CC: the question of reproductive clauses of laws and regulations” in Responsabilità, comunicazione, impresa1997, pp. 515 ff.;
- "Applicability of the Law June 18, 1998, no 192 (Rules of industrial subcontracting in production activities) to contracts entered into by the government" in Responsabilità, comunicazione, impresa1999, pp. 571 and ff;
- "Public administration and independent authorities," in Autorità indipendenti al bivio, Rome, 2000;
- "The problem of joint participation in public procurement consortium of cooperatives and associated cooperatives"in New Frontiers of associative autonomy, corporate, consortium, and public procurement, Milan, 2000, pp. 37 and ff.;
- "Civil liability and administrative efficiency", Bologna, 2001;
- "Essays on sports law", Bologna 2001;
- "Federalism and public procurement law” in Europa e Mezzogiorno, No 46/2002, pp. 40 ff.
- "The liability of Internet provider," in Contratto e Impresa, 2004, pp. 130 ff.
- "Providing in-house: the absence of impartiality and new interpretive approaches" in Quarterly Review of contracts, 2006, pagg.532 ff.
- "The role of football clubs in the problem of the safety in the stadiums"in "Diritto dello Sport" No 4/2008;
- "The contract for the transfer of professional football players in the European Union law " in “Diritto dello Sport" No 3/2/2009;

- "A brief survey on the responsabilities of the consortia and cooprratives engaged after award of the contract associated with the cooperative procurement" in Quarterly Journal of Contract No. 3 of 2011, p. 653 - 672;

"The criteria for the emergence of civil liability for damages as a result of sports injury" in "Diritto dello Sport" No. 4/2011, p.303-307.

Collaborator in the Italian newspaper “Oggi” (1989/1990);
Member of the Scientific Committee on the Review, “Responsabilità, comunicazione, impresa”Giuffre ed., Milan;
Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal, “La giustizia Amministrativa in Emilia Romagna” and the Public Administration Review “Funzione Pubblica”.
Member of board of directors and scientific magazine "Diritto dello Sport", bimonthly magazine of information and analysis of rights, organization and management of sports and physical activities, sponsored by the Carlo Rizzoli Foundation for Sports Science.

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