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Andreas Sicklinger

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Department of Architecture

Academic discipline: ICAR/13 Design


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Publications prior to 2004

12/2018 “Critical Design Approach to understand current public’s perception of Islamic Art and Design”

Article together with Alaa Baligh and Sherin Helmy in PAD Pages on arts and design issue n. 15 “Research Alert on Mediterranean Urban Spaces and Cultural Heritage”, ISSN 1972-7887, Number 15, December 2018, page 117 - 138

Publication in English language


11/2017 “(CON)TATTO. Image and mental imagery in childhood visual impairment”,

Conference Paper together with Prof. Massimiliano Loturco, Politecnico di Torino, in Brixen 27/28.11.2017

published by MDPI, Basel, Switzerland in 14 November 2017, Proceedings 2017, 1, 903


Publication in English language


09/2017 “What does Product Design Mean Tomorrow? Example Middle East”

Conference Paper published in The Design Journal with the title “Design for Next”, 12th EAD Conference Sapienza University of Rome 12-14 April 2017”, The Design Journal, 20:sup1, S2837-S2845, DOI:

10.1080/14606925.2017.1352795, Taylor and Francis London

Publication in English language.


09/2016 “Wayfinding Systems and Street Sign Design for the public streets and pedestrian areas of Egypt”,

Article together with Dr. Reham Mohsen in PAD Pages on arts and design issue n. 13 “Design for Territories”, ISSN 1972-7887, Number 13, December 2016

Publication in English language.

The number PAD 13 has been selected by ADI Design Index 2017


09/2016 “L’abitazione: arredamento, design e colore”(The home: furniture, design and color)

Chapter in Giorgio Bolognesi (edit.), “Villa Muggia a Belpoggio di Imola, una storia incompiuta”

Imola 2016, EAN 9788898230013

Publication in Italian language


05/2016 Arabic Calligraphy and New Technologies for a Different Approach to Craft and Mass Production”

Article together with Dr. Reham Mohsen, University of Helwan, Egypt in International Journal of Innovation and Applied Studies

ISSN 2028-9324 Vol. 15 No. 4 May 2016, pp. 952-961

Publication in English language


9/2014 “Perspectives in design education in Egypt: the designer’s profile as cultural mediator”

Article (Guest Paper) in “Diversity: design/ humanities. Proceedings of Fourth

International Forum of Design as a Process.” 19-22-September 2012, Brazil, E-book / ISBN: 978-85-62578-33-5, pp 37-46

Publication in English language


02/2014 “Kassentische: Modularer Designansatz”

Article in Journal Stores and Shops, EHI 2/2014, page 46-47

Reference: []

Publication in German language


11/2013 “Lay-out di postazioni di lavoro alle casse di supermercati: valutazione di un intervento di riprogettazione”

Conference Paper published in Proceedings X National Conference with the title “L’ergonomica verso un modello di citta’ sostenibile”, organised by the Italian Society of Ergonomics, Turin 2013, together with F. Draicchio, M. Trebbi, S. Mari, F. Forzano, A. Silvetti, A. Ranavolo,

Publication in Italian language


05/2013 L’accessibilita’ come strategia per lo sviluppo urbano: il “caso” Singapore (The accessibility as strategy for urban development: the “case” Singapore)

in Design for All, Metodi, Strumenti, Applicazioni (Design for All, Methods, Tools, Applications), edited by Isabella Tiziana Steffan, Maggioli Editore, Santarcangelo in Romagna, Italy, Novembre 2012, ISBN 88-387-6180-9, pages 263-272

Publication in Italian language, online English version


10/2012 La generazione di forma (The generation of form)”,

Chapter in “Communicare idée con carta e cartone”, edit Alfonso Acocella, Comieco October 2012, page 34-36, ISBN 978-1-291-17395-6

Publication in Italian language



09/2012 “Perspectives in design education in Egypt: the designer’s profile as cultural mediator”

Abstract (peer reviewed) published in Proceedings of IV International Forum of Design, 9: 2012, Belo

Horizonte, MG, Brazil, 19 a 22nd September, 2012. ISBN 978-85-62578-15-1

Publication in English language


03/2012 “Biomechanical evaluation of supermarket cashiers before and after the re design of the checkout counter”

Article together with Francesco Draicchio, Trebbi Martina, Mari Silvia, Forzano Federico, Serrao Mariano, Silvetti Alessio, Iavicoli Sergio, Ranavolo Alberto

in “Ergonomics”, Francis&Taylor, UK, DOI: 10.1080/00140139.2012.659762


Publication in English language


03/2012 “Norma e arbitrio: il tentativo di codificare la variabilità umana – Standards and Licence: striving to systematise Human Variation”

Article in “Ottagono” n.248, Compositori Editori, Bologna/Italy

Publication in Italian and English language


09/2011 „Austrian Standard 09/2011 "ÖNORM A5910 - 2004-Anforderungen Kassenarbeitsplätze", Update to previous standard.
Austrian Standard Institut Wien, Austria, pp. 23, ICS 03.060. 13.180

Publication in German language


10/2010 "Design and Low Vision - From Readability to Multisensory Design "
Monograph, with texts by L. Baracco, E. Cuneo, S. Masotina, I. Zagarese

Titles of personal articles:
- Multisensory Design: all senses count
-Visual perception between theory and physiology
- Interpretation and environmental adaptation

Publisher Maggioli, Santarcangelo di Romagna, pp. 421

ISBN 978-88-387-4478-5

Publication in Italian language


12/2009 "The creativity within us"
Introduction article to the monograph by Giulia Testore, “Ergonomics and Creativity - User and Non Intentional Design”
Publisher Maggioli, Santarcangelo di Romagna, pp. I-XII
ISBN 978-88-387-4409-02

Supervised Final thesis which has been published, Publication in Italian language


09/2009 "Designing for people is simple,"
Article in the monograph by Francesco Gallucci, The Strategy of Simplicity,
Egea Milano Editore, pp. 184-186, ISBN 978-8-8238-3244-2

Publication in Italian language


09/2009 "Applied Ergonomics to the Design Project: Historical Background and Anthropometry"
Publisher Maggioli, Santarcangelo di Romagna, pp. 192, ISBN 978-88-387-4391-6

Publication in Italian language

06/2009 "Democratic Design by IKEA”
Article in "Journal of Architecture", Torino,
Volume 74, p. 8, The Journal of Design, ISSN 1721546

Publication in Italian language


11/2008 "The distribution towards radical innovation,"
Article in “Innovation-driven design in retail”,
Quaderno dell’Innovazione, Vol 1, Cean, Torino, pp 104-107

Edited in Italian language


11/2008 "Ergonomics in Retail: Packaging and Point of Purchase"
Politeko Edition, Turin, 60 pp, ISBN 978-88-87380-64-4

Publication in Italian language


09/2008 "Trgovske Verige posvečajo ergonomic Premal pozornosti"
Interview in magazine "Finance - P & P panoge in posel trgovina",

Ljubljana, Slovenia, p. 3, ISSN 1318-7260

Publication in Slovenian language


09/2008 "The future of the supermarket or do shopping with your mobile"
Article in "Journal of Architecture", Turin
Volume 65, p. 32, The Journal of Design, ISSN 1721546

Publication in Italian language


06/2007 "100 Years of Deutscher Werkbund"
Article in "Journal of Architecture", Turin
Volume 52, p.. 30, ISSN 1721546

Publication in Italian language


09/2006 "Design and Ergonomics of Check outs”
Book , co-author Josef Ing Kerschhagl, Inspector of the Ministry of Economy and Labour, Vienna Publisher Austrian Standard Institut Wien, pp. 269, ISBN 978-3-85402-094-3

Publication in English and German language


12/2004 Austrian Standard 12/2004 "ÖNORM A5910 - 2004-Anforderungen Kassenarbeitsplätze"
ON-Institut Wien, Austria, pp. 23, ICS 03.060. 13.180

Collaboration as a member of the Committee for a new Austrian Standard related to the working place of the cashier, publication in German language

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