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Andreas Stephan Lesch

Associate Professor

Department of Industrial Chemistry "Toso Montanari"

Academic discipline: CHIM/01 Analytical Chemistry


Lin, Tzu-En; Lesch, Andreas*; Li, Chi-Lin; Girault, Hubert H., Mapping the antioxidant activity of apple peels with soft probe scanning electrochemical microscopy, «JOURNAL OF ELECTROANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY», 2017, 786, pp. 120 - 128 [Scientific article]

Lesch, A.; Jović, M.; Baudoz, M.; Zhu, Y.; Tacchini, P.; Gumy, F.; Girault, H.H., Point-of-care diagnostics with inkjet-printed microchips, in: ECS Transactions, Electrochemical Society Inc., «ECS TRANSACTIONS», 2017, 77, pp. 73 - 84 (atti di: Symposium on Solid-State Electronics and Photonics in Biology and Medicine 4 - 231st ECS Meeting 2017, USA, 2017) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Valenti, Giovanni; Scarabino, Sabina; Goudeau, Bertrand; Lesch, Andreas; Joviä , Milica; Villani, Elena; Sentic, Milica; Rapino, Stefania; Arbault, Stã©phane; Paolucci, Francesco; Sojic, Neso, Single Cell Electrochemiluminescence Imaging: From the Proof-of-Concept to Disposable Device-Based Analysis, «JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY», 2017, 139, pp. 16830 - 16837 [Scientific article]

Lin, Tzu-En; Lu, Yu-Jen; Sun, Chia-Liang; Pick, Horst; Chen, Jyh-Ping; Lesch, Andreas*; Girault, Hubert H., Soft Electrochemical Probes for Mapping the Distribution of Biomarkers and Injected Nanomaterials in Animal and Human Tissues, «ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE. INTERNATIONAL EDITION», 2017, 56, pp. 16498 - 16502 [Scientific article]

Lin, Tzu-En; Lu, Yu-Jen; Sun, Chia-Liang; Chen, Jyh-Ping; Lesch, Andreas; Girault, Hubert H., Soft probe scanning electrochemical microscopy with spider array for visualizing biomarkers and redox active proteins in animal tissues, in: ECS Transactions, Electrochemical Society Inc., «ECS TRANSACTIONS», 2017, 77, pp. 85 - 90 (atti di: Symposium on Solid-State Electronics and Photonics in Biology and Medicine 4 - 231st ECS Meeting 2017, USA, 2017) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Bardyn, M.; Maye, S.; Lesch, A.; Delobel, J.; Tissot, J.-D.; Cortés-Salazar, F.; Tacchini, P.; Lion, N.; Girault, H.H.*; Prudent, M., The antioxidant capacity of erythrocyte concentrates is increased during the first week of storage and correlated with the uric acid level, «VOX SANGUINIS», 2017, 112, pp. 638 - 647 [Scientific article]

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Bondarenko, Alexandra*; Lin, Tzu-En; Stupar, Petar; Lesch, Andreas; Cortés-Salazar, Fernando; Girault, Hubert H.; Pick, Horst, Fixation and permeabilization approaches for scanning electrochemical microscopy of living cells, «ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY», 2016, 88, pp. 11436 - 11443 [Scientific article]

Lin, Tzu-En; Bondarenko, Alexandra; Lesch, Andreas; Pick, Horst; Cortés-Salazar, Fernando; Girault, Hubert H., Monitoring Tyrosinase Expression in Non-metastatic and Metastatic Melanoma Tissues by Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy, «ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE. INTERNATIONAL EDITION», 2016, 55, pp. 3813 - 3816 [Scientific article]

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Bondarenko, Alexandra*; Cortés-Salazar, Fernando; Gheorghiu, Mihaela; Gáspár, Szilveszter; Momotenko, Dmitry; Stanica, Luciana; Lesch, Andreas; Gheorghiu, Eugen; Girault, Hubert H., Electrochemical push-pull probe: From scanning electrochemical microscopy to multimodal altering of cell microenvironment, «ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY», 2015, 87, pp. 4479 - 4486 [Scientific article]

Lesch, Andreas*; Cortés-Salazar, Fernando; Amstutz, Véronique; Tacchini, Philippe; Girault, Hubert H., Inkjet printed nanohydrogel coated carbon nanotubes electrodes for matrix independent sensing, «ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY», 2015, 87, pp. 1026 - 1033 [Scientific article]

Lesch, Andreas; Cortés-Salazar, Fernando; Bassetto, Victor Costa; Amstutz, Véronique; Girault, Hubert H.*, Inkjet printing meets electrochemical energy conversion, «CHIMIA», 2015, 69, pp. 284 - 289 [Scientific article]

Lin, Tzu-En; Cortés-Salazar, Fernando; Lesch, Andreas; Qiao, Liang; Bondarenko, Alexandra; Girault, Hubert H.*, Multiple scanning electrochemical microscopy mapping of tyrosinase in micro-contact printed fruit samples on polyvinylidene fluoride membrane, «ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA», 2015, 179, pp. 57 - 64 [Scientific article]

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