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Andreas Stephan Lesch

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Dipartimento di Chimica Industriale "Toso Montanari"

Settore scientifico disciplinare: CHIM/01 CHIMICA ANALITICA


Dongmo, Liliane M; Guenang, Léopoldine S; Jiokeng, Sherman L Z; Kamdem, Arnaud T; Doungmo, Giscard; Victor, Bassetto C; Jović, Milica; Lesch, Andreas; Tonlé, Ignas K; Girault, Hubert, A new sensor based on an amino-montmorillonite-modified inkjet-printed graphene electrode for the voltammetric determination of gentisic acid, «MIKROCHIMICA ACTA», 2021, 188, pp. 36-1 - 36-13 [articolo]

Zhu, Yingdi; Lesch, Andreas; Li, Xiaoyun; Lin, Tzu-En; Gasilova, Natalia; Jović, Milica; Pick, Horst Matthias; Ho, Ping-Chih; Girault, Hubert H., Rapid Noninvasive Skin Monitoring by Surface Mass Recording and Data Learning, «JACS AU», 2021, 1, pp. 598 - 611 [articolo]Open Access

Darvishi, Sorour; Pick, Horst; Oveisi, Emad; Girault, Hubert H.; Lesch, Andreas, Soft-Probe-Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy reveals electrochemical surface reactivity of E. coli biofilms, «SENSORS AND ACTUATORS. B, CHEMICAL», 2021, 334, Article number: 129669, pp. 1 - 10 [articolo]

Rosa M.; Costa Bassetto V.; Girault H.H.; Lesch A.; Esposito V., Assembling Ni-Fe Layered Double Hydroxide 2D Thin Films for Oxygen Evolution Electrodes, «ACS APPLIED ENERGY MATERIALS», 2020, 3, pp. 1017 - 1026 [articolo]

Nagar, Bhawna; Jović, Milica; Bassetto, Victor Costa; Zhu, Yingdi; Pick, Horst; Gómez‐Romero, Pedro; Merkoçi, Arben; Girault, Hubert H.; Lesch, Andreas, Highly Loaded Mildly Edge‐Oxidized Graphene Nanosheet Dispersions for Large‐Scale Inkjet Printing of Electrochemical Sensors, «CHEMELECTROCHEM», 2020, 7, pp. 460 - 468 [articolo]

Ognjanovic, Milos; Stanković, Dalibor M.; Jovic, Milica; Krstić, Milena; Lesch, Andreas; Girault, Hubert H.; Antic, Bratislav V., Inkjet-Printed Carbon Nanotube Electrodes Modified with Dimer-captosuccinic Acid-Capped Fe3O4 Nanoparticles on Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanosheets for Single-Drop Determination of Trifluoperazine, «ACS APPLIED NANO MATERIALS», 2020, 3, pp. 4654 - 4662 [articolo]

Guenang, Léopoldine S.; Dongmo, Liliane M.; Jiokeng, Sherman L. Z.; Kamdem, Arnaud T.; Doungmo, Giscard; Tonlé, Ignas K.; Bassetto, Victor Costa; Jović, Milica; Lesch, Andreas; Girault, Hubert, Montmorillonite clay-modified disposable ink-jet-printed graphene electrode as a sensitive voltammetric sensor for the determination of cadmium(II) and lead(II), «SN APPLIED SCIENCES», 2020, 2, pp. 476 - - [articolo]

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Stanković, Dalibor M.; Ognjanović, Miloš; Jović, Milica; Cuplić, Valentina; Lesch, Andreas; Girault, Hubert H.; Gavrović Jankulović, Marija; Antić, Bratislav, Disposable Biosensor Based on Amidase/CeO2/GNR Modified Inkjet‐printed CNT Electrodes‐droplet Based Paracetamol Detection in Biological Fluids for “Point‐of‐care” Applications, «ELECTROANALYSIS», 2019, 31, pp. 1517 - 1525 [articolo]

Rosa M.; Marani D.; Perin G.; Simonsen So.B.; Zielke P.; Glisenti A.; Kiebach R.; Lesch A.; Esposito V., Impact of cation redox chemistry on continuous hydrothermal synthesis of 2D-Ni(Co/Fe) hydroxides, «REACTION CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING», 2019, 4, pp. 2060 - 2073 [articolo]

Jarošová, Romana; Mcclure, Sandra E.; Gajda, Margaret; Jović, Milica; Girault, Hubert H.; Lesch, Andreas; Maiden, Michael; Waters, Christopher; Swain, Greg M., Inkjet-Printed Carbon Nanotube Electrodes for Measuring Pyocyanin and Uric Acid in a Wound Fluid Simulant and Culture Media, «ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY», 2019, 91, pp. 8835 - 8844 [articolo]

Huckaba, Aron J.; Lee, Yonghui; Xia, Rui; Paek, Sanghyun; Bassetto, Victor Costa; Oveisi, Emad; Lesch, Andreas; Kinge, Sachin; Dyson, Paul J.; Girault, Hubert; Nazeeruddin, Mohammad Khaja*, Inkjet-Printed Mesoporous TiO2 and Perovskite Layers for High Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cells, «ENERGY TECHNOLOGY», 2019, 6, pp. 317 - 324 [articolo]

Battistel, Alberto; Dennison, Christopher R.; Lesch, Andreas; Girault, Hubert H., Local Study on Hydrogen and Hydrogen Gas Bubble Formation on a Platinum Electrode, «JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY. C», 2019, 123, pp. 10849 - 10856 [articolo]

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