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Andrea Mentrelli

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics

Academic discipline: MAT/07 Mathematical Physics


- non linear wave propagation and hyperbolic systems 
- modelling and numerical simulation of thermal plasmas and fusion plasmas
- extended thermodynamics

-Non-linear wave propagation and hyperbolic systems: Theoretical and numerical studies of non-linear wave propagation in continuous media modelled by means of partial differential equations of hyperbolic type. For instance, I have recently studied the propagation of classical and "non-classical" shock waves in real gases.  
- Numerical modelling and simulation of thermal and fusion plasmas. Few years ago, I was mainly concerned with numerical modelling of thermal plasmas (especially inductively coupled plasma torches). More recently, I have been concerned - in the framework of the ITER project - with the numerical simulation of fusion plasmas (tokamak plasmas) in which high anisotropic diffusion phenomena take place.

I personally develop the numerical codes that I use in my research activity.

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