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Andrea Guizzardi

Associate Professor

Department of Statistical Sciences "Paolo Fortunati"

Academic discipline: SECS-S/03 Economic Statistics

Head of Center for Advanced Studies in Tourism

Short Bio

Associate professor of economic statistics at the University of Bologna. He published studies concerning modelling and forecasting both aggregate tourism demand and financial markets. He also worked on measuring the competitiveness of businesses and tourist destinations using big-data on prices and satisfaction retrieved from the web and administrative archives. Further research concern the application of business intelligence methods to corporate travel management and the application of trading strategies (trading algorithms).

He directs from 2009 a longlife learnig program active at Bologna University designed for corporate travel managers. In 2001 founded the Italian business travel observatory (with the support of CAST and Department of Statistics) who currently heads.

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+39 051 20 9 8221

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+39 0541 434 314

Dipartimento di Scienze Statistiche "Paolo Fortunati"
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