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Andrea Bonfiglioli

Full Professor

Department of Mathematics

Academic discipline: MAT/05 Mathematical Analysis

Director of First Cycle Degree in Mathematics


Stefano Biagi; Andrea Bonfiglioli; Marco Bramanti, Global estimates for the fundamental solution of homogeneous Hormander operators, «ANNALI DI MATEMATICA PURA ED APPLICATA», 2022, in press, pp. 1 - 60 [Scientific article]

Biagi S.; Bonfiglioli A.; Bramanti M., Global estimates in Sobolev spaces for homogeneous Hörmander sums of squares, «JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS AND APPLICATIONS», 2021, 498, Article number: 124935 , pp. 124935 - 124953 [Scientific article]

Bonfiglioli A., Hormander vector fields equipped with dilations: Lifting, lie-group construction, applications, «LE MATEMATICHE», 2020, 75, pp. 67 - 89 [Scientific article]Open Access

Stefano Biagi, Andrea Bonfiglioli, Marco Matone, On the Baker-Campbell-Hausdorff Theorem: non-convergence and prolongation issues, «LINEAR & MULTILINEAR ALGEBRA», 2020, 68, pp. 1310 - 1328 [Scientific article]Open Access

S Biagi; A Bonfiglioli, An introduction to the geometrical analysis of vector fields—with applications to maximum principles and Lie groups, Hackensack, NJ, World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., 2019, pp. 448 . [Research monograph]Open Access

A Bonfiglioli, Potential theory results for a class of PDOs admitting a global fundamental solution, in: "Analysis and partial differential equations: perspectives from developing countries" in Springer Proc. Math. Stat., Cham, Springer, 2019, 275, pp. 65 - 83 (atti di: Noncommutative Analysis and Partial Differential Equations, Imperial college, London, April 11–15, 2016) [Contribution to conference proceedings]Open Access

E Battaglia; A Bonfiglioli, An invariant Harnack inequality for a class of subelliptic operators under global doubling and Poincare assumptions, and applications, «JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS AND APPLICATIONS», 2018, 460, pp. 302 - 320 [Scientific article]

Bonfiglioli, A; Biagi, S, The existence of a global fundamental solution for homogeneous Hormander operators via a global lifting method, «PROCEEDINGS OF THE LONDON MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY», 2017, 114, pp. 855 - 889 [Scientific article]

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Andrea Bonfiglioli; Jacob Katriel, Generating q-commutator identities and the q-BCH formula, «ADVANCES IN MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS», 2016, 2016, pp. 1 - 26 [Scientific article]Open Access

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S. Biagi; A. Bonfiglioli, A completeness result for time-dependent vector fields and applications, «COMMUNICATIONS IN CONTEMPORARY MATHEMATICS», 2015, 17, Article number: 1450040 , pp. 1 - 26 [Scientific article]

Bonfiglioli, Andrea; Citti, Giovanna; Cupini, Giovanni; Manfredini, Maria; Montanari, Annamaria; Morbidelli, Daniele; Pascucci, Andrea; Uguzzoni, Francesco; Polidoro Sergio, The Role of Fundamental Solution in Potential and Regularity Theory for Subelliptic PDE, in: Geometric Methods in PDE, Springer, 2015, 13, pp. 341 - 373 (atti di: Geometric methods in PDEs, Cortona, 27-31 maggio 2013) [Contribution to conference proceedings]Open Access

Achilles, R.; Bonfiglioli, A.; Katriel, J., The q-deformed Campbell-Baker-Hausdorff-Dynkin Theorem, «ELECTRONIC RESEARCH ANNOUNCEMENTS IN MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES», 2015, 22, pp. 32 - 45 [Scientific article]

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