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Anna Maria Manferdini

Assistant professor

Department of Architecture

Academic discipline: ICAR/17 Representation of Architecture

Curriculum vitae

Graduated in Building Engineering at the Engineering Faculty of Bologna. Ph. D. in Civil Engineering and Architecture, awarded a research grant in the field of representation in order to create multimedia archives to manage architectural heritage.

Her research focuses on the potentialities offered by digital technologies to the enlargement of knowledge and to communication through a multi-scalar approach. In particular, her investigations are focused both on the application of digital technologies in the field of Cultural Heritage and on the influence of digital technologies within the design process.
Collaborates to researches such as "KAINUA. Reconstructing, perceiving, disseminating an Etruscan town" (coordinator: Andrea Gaucci), "Architectural Perspectives: digital preservation, dissemination and analysis"(Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Riccardo Migliari), "Apa the Etruscan arrives in Rome",
"Proposal for the drafting of standards for the construction of digital models of archaeological findings in Pompeii" (Responsible: Prof. Salvatore Settis),  "Complex models for architectural and urban heritage representations" (Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Mario Centofanti), "The representation of architecture and environment: project principles between artifice and nature" (National Responsibles: Prof. Rosalia La Franca, Prof. Costantino Corsini); "The detection of the Modern: recognizable charactistics of urban form" (National Responsible: Prof. Rosalia La Franca); "The ideal and foundation city: representation, image, structure" (National Responsible: Prof. Cesare De Seta); "Sabbioneta. The city of the Prince as a Heritage of Humanity ", research convention for the candidacy of the city of Sabbioneta as the W.H.L. UNESCO (Responsible: Prof. Fabrizio Ivan Apollonio); "Codes of Design Project" (National Responsible: Prof. Alberto Pratelli).

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