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Alessio Giuseppe Morganti

Full Professor

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences

Academic discipline: MED/36 Imaging and Radiotherapy

Curriculum vitae

  • Nationality: Italian;
  • Date of birth: June 22th 1960.
  • Current position: professor of radiation oncology; chair radiotherapy department of Bologna university; professor in: medical school (both Italian and English programs), PhD program of oncology, RTT school, Academy of Sciences in Palliative Medicine (Bologna University), postgraduate program in radiation oncology, Interventional Radiotherapy Active Teaching School (UCSC University, Rome)
  • Former positions: chair postgraduate program in radiation oncology; chair postgraduate program in radiology, chair radiology department (Bologna University); chairman of radiation oncology department and chairman of general oncology department, UCSC University of Campobasso (2002-2012).
  • Higher education: 1986: graduated at medical school cum laude – Catholic university of Rome; 1990: board certified in radiation oncology cum laude – same university.
  • Professional experiences: 1991: junior assistant at radiation oncology department, UCSC university of Rome; 1996: senior assistant at the same department; 2002: chairman at radiation oncology department, UCSC university of Campobasso; 2007: also chairman at general oncology department, same University.
  • Academic experience: 1991-2014: postgraduate medical schools in endocrinology, paediatric oncology, radiotherapy; 2000: assistant professor of radiotherapy; 2010: associate professor in radiation oncology & chair of RTT school at UCSC university (Potenza, Italy).
  • Main fields of interest: gastrointestinal tumors, prostate tumors, new technologies in radiation oncology (Stereotactic, Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy, VMAT), palliative radiotherapy.
  • Membership of Scientific Societies: Italian Association of Radiation Oncology (AIRO); Italian Radiobiology Society (SIRR); European Society Therapeutic Radiation Oncology (ESTRO); European Society Medical Oncology (ESMO); Italian Society of Palliative Therapies (SICP).
  • Scientific activity:
    • more than 1150 scientific publications (Scopus: 420 publications, 6739 citations, HI: 36; Google scholar: 650 publications, 9404 citations, HI: 47);
    • more than 1050 contribution in national and international congresses;
    • 17 honours and awards including Junior Scientist Award (International Congress on Radiation Research, 1995);
    • coordinator of 52 research projects;
    • responsible for 51 scientific events;
    • lecturer in international teaching courses (ESTRO, IAEA);
    • member of editorial board of: Cancers, Translation Oncology, Frontiers in Oncology (assistant editor), Frontiers in Gastrointestinal Cancers, Journal of Radiation Oncology & Research, Jacobs Journal of Radiation Oncology, Rays;
    • “Expert radiation oncologist” in IAEA expert missions;
    • reviewer of scientific projects for the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF), Flamish League Against Cancer, Medical Research Council of South Africa, National Science Center of Poland and Italian Ministry of University and Research;
    • member of the scientific commission of the Italian Association of Radiation Oncology;
    • member of the organization committee of Italian Federation of Radiation Research;
    • involved in several successful European grants (e.g. ATHENA, Genepi, FURTHER-H2020) and several institutional grants (UCSC University, Bologna University).


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