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Alessia Cariani

Associate Professor

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic discipline: BIO/05 Zoology


Dissertation topics suggested by the teacher.


The proposed thesis topics will be dealing with different approaches and analysis techniques using standard molecular markers as well as “omic” data derived from Next Generation Sequencing platforms. Thus, the use of basic computational skills and attitude for executing software for genetic data analysis and bioinformatics scripting will be requested to accomplish the thesis projects.

Population genomics and traceability of marine fish []

Evolution, systematics and conservation of cartilaginous fish []

Topic: Connectivity in a deep-water fish over large distance: phylogeographic assessment of Pagellus bogaraveo in Mediterranean and Atlantic waters

Thesis Project Aim: The intrinsic discrepancy existing between the definition of fish stock units and the structure of biological populations, emphasizes the urgent need of obtaining genetic data to be integrated with other available sources of information and implementing efficient management strategies of wild fishery resources. Blackspot seabream Pagellus bogaraveo (Brünnich, 1768) is a commercially valuable deep-water fish heavily exploited in the past decade. Analysis of individuals collected from different fishing grounds in the Mediterranean Sea and adjacent Atlantic Ocean will be directed to investigate the species’ connectivity across almost all the species’ dispersal area.

Info: Martina Spiga [] ; Alessia Cariani []

Topic: Kinship analysis in school of Myliobatis aquila

Info: Valentina Crobe [] ; Alessia Cariani []

Topic: Molecular taxonomy of the species complex Carcharhinus plumbeus/altimus

Info: Valentina Crobe [] ; Alessia Cariani []

Topic: Spatial and temporal analysis of the genetic diversity of three small delphinid species in the Italian waters using ancient DNA

Info: Martina Pasino [] ; Fausto Tinti []

Topic: Spatial and temporal composition of stable isotopes isolated in Delphinus delphis L. from the Italian waters: technological development and preliminary analysis of trophic variation and habitat preferences

Info: Martina Pasino [] ; Maria Vittoria Iacovelli [] ; Fausto Tinti []

Suitable candidate must have:

- Availability from April 2024

- Interest in ecology, evolution, and conservation of marine fish

- Accomplished the course of “Disegni sperimentali e analisi dati”; including the R course.

- Good English writing skills: thesis will be written in English with the aim to publish suitable outcomes.