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Alessandro Piras

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department for Life Quality Studies

Academic discipline: M-EDF/01 Physical Training Sciences and Methodology

Short Bio

PhD student and then researcher, at the University of Bologna since 2007 he carries out his research in the field of exercise physiology. The research interests are aimed in particular to understand how the vision controls and modulates motor behavior, as the relationship between action and perception is crucial for the understanding and control of the motor activity. A second line of research concerns the effect of physical exercise on the cardiac autonomic and baroreflex responses, both in trained and sedentary subjects. Autonomic adjustments are not accessible to consciousness, and for this reason, this system is called involuntary or autonomic nervous system. This system affects both blood pressure, peripheral vascular resistance, and heart rate both tonically and in a reflected manner. Author of several publications, he is also involved in several research projects, which have allowed him to receive several prizes and awards of national value. Go to the Curriculum vitae



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Dipartimento di Scienze per la Qualità della Vita
Corso D'Augusto 237, Rimini - Go to map

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