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Alessandro Cocchi

Emeritus Professor

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

Curriculum vitae

Born in Casalecchio di Reno,   near   Bologna,   in   1936,  March   the   12,   took   two   University degrees,   in   Chemical Engineering in 1959, in Pharmacy in 1963 ,Assistant professor of  Technical Physics from   1962   at the Engineering Faculty of the   University   of   Bologna,   he holds a chair in the same field from 1970. From that time to now he has teached this discipline in one or two courses each year. From the Academic Year 1985/86 till now he also teaches in the same Faculty "Applied Acoustic and Lighting". While     researching in  the fields     of  applied thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer   and   heating and air conditioning, he also applied himself from   1972   to the fundamental and applied research on acoustics.   He   took part   to   many   international     conferences     dealing     with architectural acoustics, noise control at working places and noise pollution control: recently he   has   been   invited   to present a paper in the structured section on   "Temporal   and Spatial  Criteria and Design Studies of   Concert   Halls"   at the ICA conference in Beijing, 1992,  a   paper   at   the first Joint Noise Conference   USA   URSS   in   St.   Petersburg, 1993, an invited  paper at the International Symposium on “Music and Concert Hall” in Kirishima in 1995, an invited paper at the workshop on “Opera House Acoustics” in Seattle, within ICA 98, an invited lecture at the Kobe University in 2002, an invited paper at the ASA meeting in N.Y. in 2004, structured session on Opera House Acoustics.   He took part also to the International Conference on Concert Halls Acoustics in London 2002. He published about 300 scientific papers and 8 didactic books. Past President of the Italian Acoustical Society (AIA), President   of   the   Acoustical   Commission   of   the national standardisation organisation (UNI) for 15 years to last December 2002, Convenor of EN/TC 256 WG3  (railway noise) for 6 years till October 2002, Italian representative of Environmental Ministry in DG/TREN of UE, WG6 (railway noise) from the beginning till September 2002,   and   member   of  many ISO/TC 43 and CEN/TC 126, 211 and 256 working groups. He is member of many scientific Societies, among   which the Acoustical Society of America, the International Noise Control Engineers, the International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration,  the International Air Quality and the   American   Society of Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning. He served as General Secretary in Associazione Termotecnica Italiana for 6 years, and as President in Associazione Italiana di Acustica for 4 years. Its   professional   experience   began   in   1965   in an ancient, small theatre, devoted to G.Verdi in Busseto:   from then   on,   he   designed   many   noise   control     devices     in industrial environment, he took a patent   on   an   acoustical barrier, he was consultant in many theatres in   Bologna   and nearby, also acoustic consultant of the national environment Ministery   and   municipalities   like   that   of   Bologna, Bolzano and Forlì. In the field of thermal insulation of buildings and energy saving in heating plants, he acted as organizer, chairman and invited lecturer in many occasions, quite every year of his academic life.

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