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Alessandro Babini

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Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin"

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Department for Life Quality Studies

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Alessandro Babini
Born in Faenza (RA) on 05/03/1975, has achieved the following qualifications:
• Certificate in Physical Education at Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna, on the 28/02/2000 with 110 votes out of 110 cum laude. Thesis on "The Scout method in branch L / C";
• Master of Science in Exercise Science at Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna, on the 20/11/2002 with 108 votes out of 110. Thesis on "Electrical stimulation: an integrative tool in motor activity?"
• Postgraduate Diploma SSIS (Specialisation School Teaching Secondary), address Sciences (classes of competition A029 - A030), at Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna, on 13/05/2004, with points 79/80 ;
• Enabling the SSIS Sostegno (classes of competition AD00 - AD 04), at Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna, on 14/05/2004, with points 77/80;
• Course on "Evaluation of learning and self-evaluation of organization in autonomous schools", 2005;
• Specialisation Diploma, Teaching physical education, 2006;
• The Master's Degree level, teaching methodologies for physical education, 2007;
• Specialisation Diploma, Education and youth problems, methods and techniques for teaching, 2011.

• Italian Champion Judo black belt beginner category and 1°Dan, 1989;
• Instructor, coach, facilitator swimming, handball, rugby, volleyball and basketball;
• Consultant Motor Activity Amsem project, CONI Provincial Committee of Ravenna, prov. Ravenna, 2000 - 2004;
• Teacher Physical Education and Support, Secondary School of First Degree, UST Bologna - Ravenna, from 2000 to the present;
• Teacher Tutor's Degree in "TTD Motor activity in children and adolescents", from 2004/05 to 2008/09 at University of Bologna, Faculty of Sciences, based in Rimini and Bologna;
• Trainer of Special Course for University to obtain the qualification or eligibility to teach in the role of primary and nursery school (during 0549-0550), Sinform Bologna, 2005/06;
• Teacher Tutor's Degree in "TTD Motor activity in childhood and preventive," from 2009/10 to date, at University of Bologna, Faculty of Sciences, Bologna office;
. Adjunt Professor in "TTD Motor activity in childhood" - Sciences of Primary school - University of Bologna 2013/14
. Adjunt Professor in "TTD Motor Activity in childhood and preventive Mod.2" - University of bologna - Faculty of Motor Sciences 2013/14
. Adjunt Professor in Laboratory: "Corpo, Movimento attività sportive per l'inclusione" - Sciences of Primary school - UNIversity of Bologna - 2013/14 - 2014/15
• Member of the research group IRREER (Regional Institute for Educational Research Emilia Romagna - MIUR), as part of Physical Education School, 2005/07, production of the study: Opplà ... playing with judo, 'ACTIVITY' MOTOR. Research on curriculum and teaching innovation ", USR and IRRE Emilia - Romagna, edited by F. Berardi and M. Neighbors, p. 61-66, Tecnodid, Naples, October 2007;
• Member of Technical Staff Olympic Committee, Provincial Committee Ravenna, Contact for technical youth sports activities, 2007/2012;
• Teacher of the Regional School of Sport cones for the training of educational staff and technical staff of FNS;
• Supervisor of the National Project "Literacy Motor" in primary school, MIUR - CONI; organization and management activities of 9 experts working in the primary school in the province of Rimini, 2012/2013;
• Project Coordinator Opplà ', motor activity in the kindergarten and primary schools, prov. Ravenna.
. Member of scientific committee "IO gioco, tu giochi ... noi stiamo in salute!"
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