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Alberto Calleo

PhD Student

Department of Architecture

Research fellow

Department of Architecture

Teaching tutor

Department of Architecture


Carlo Costantino; Alberto Calleo; Anna Chiara Benedetti; Cristiana Bartolomei; Giorgia Predari, Fostering Resilient and Sustainable Rural Development through Nature-Based Tourism, Digital Technologies, and Built Heritage Preservation: The Experience of San Giovanni Lipioni, Italy, «SUSTAINABILITY», 2024, 16, Article number: 5588 , pp. 1 - 26 [Scientific article]

Calleo, Alberto;, Playful Prototyping In Speculative Design Practices, in: DRS2024: Boston, 2024, pp. 1 - 13 (atti di: Design Research Society 2024, Boston, 23–28 June,) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Ludovica Rosato, Alberto Calleo, Simona Colitti, Giorgio Dall'Osso, Valentina De Matteo, Uniform design innovation: Bridging academia and industry through multidisciplinary collaboration, «FASHION HIGHLIGHT», 2024, 3, pp. 56 - 67 [Scientific article]

Calleo, Alberto; Dall’Osso, Giorgio; Zannoni, Michele, A Systematic Analysis for Multisensory Virtual Artifacts Design in Immersive E-Sport Applications and Sim-Racing, in: HCI in Mobility, Transport, and Automotive Systems : 5th International Conference, MobiTAS 2023, Held as Part of the 25th HCI International Conference, HCII 2023, Copenhagen, Denmark, July 23–28, 2023, Proceedings, Part II, Springer, 2023, 14049, pp. 114 - 124 (atti di: 5th International Conference, MobiTAS 2023, Held as Part of the 25th HCI International Conference, HCII 2023, Copenhagen, Denmark, 23-28 Luglio 2023) [Contribution to conference proceedings]Open Access

Ludovica Rosato; Alberto Calleo, Digital Fashion Technologies & Practices: Design Driven Sustainable Transition in Fashion Industry, in: Disrupting Geographies in the Design World, 2023, pp. 162 - 169 (atti di: 8th International Forum of Design as a Process, Bologna, 20-22 June 2022) [Contribution to conference proceedings]Open Access

Calleo, Alberto; Rosato, Ludovica, Human+Non-human Creative Identities. Symbiotic Synthesis in Industrial Design Creative Processes, in: Progress in Artificial Intelligence : 22nd EPIA Conference on Artificial Intelligence, EPIA 2023. Proceedings, Part II, Cham, Springer, 2023, 14116, pp. 30 - 37 (atti di: EPIA 2023, 22nd EPIA Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Faial Island, 5-8 September 2023) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Luca, Stefano; Misdariis, Nicolas; Calleo, Alberto, Designing Sounds Means Designing Relationships, «DIID», 2022, 78, pp. 128 - 135 [Scientific article]Open Access

Flaviano Celaschi, Francesca Bonetti, Alberto Calleo, Giorgio Casoni, Human in digital: Mind and body grappling with project-making in a dematerialized world, in: Human Body Interaction, Bologna, Bologna University Press, 2022, pp. 137 - 158 (DA) [Chapter or essay]

Barbieri, Luca; Calleo, Alberto; Dall'Osso, Giorgio; Rosato, Ludovica, Natural Glitch, in: The Ecological Turn: Design, Architecture and Aesthetics beyond “Anthropocene”, Delft, TU Delft Open, CPCL Journal, 2022, pp. 187 - 201 [Chapter or essay]

Calleo, Alberto; Dall'Osso, Giorgio; Succini, Laura; Zannoni, Michele, New scenarios for developing cooperative platforms for local manufacturing, in: Design Culture(s). Cumulus Conference Proceedings Roma 2021, 2021, 2, pp. 1738 - 1751 (atti di: DESIGN CULTURE(S), Roma, 8-11/06/2021) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Dall'Osso Giorgio; Calleo Alberto, EduMaking: Maker spaces as learning platforms., in: FabLearn Conference. Italy 2019., 2019(atti di: FabLearn Italy 2019, Ancona, Italy, 20-22/11/2019) [Poster]

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