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Albert Bininachvili

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Department of Political and Social Sciences

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Albert Bininachvili, PhD.

Dr. Albert Bininachvili is Adjunct Associate Professor of Political Science at Columbia University and Adjunct Professor of Political Science at Bologna University.

An internationally recognized expert on Iran, Persian Gulf, Central Asia and the Broader Middle East, Dr. Bininachvili focuses his research and professional interests on a variety of topics in security studies, global energy geopolitics, proliferation issues, political Islam and nationalism. His current research and teaching also concentrates on national security decision -making mechanisms and role of climate change management regimes.

In addition to his impressive international academic career in Europe and the USA Dr. Bininachvili has extensive diplomatic and corporate experience. He served in Iran during the Islamic revolution, in Afghanistan and the Gulf countries, was one of the founders of the BBC Central Asian Service and worked as a corporate consultant in a number of Italian and international investment institutions covering the Gulf, Middle East, Russia and Eurasia.

The constant symbiosis of thorough academic research and deep practical knowledge of realities on the ground which characterizes the professional style of Dr. Bininachvili makes his unique expertise and insights highly requested by the students of international relations.

Since the very beginning of the MIREES program and for the first time in Italy Albert Bininachvili launched the structured teaching of a specialized course on Caucasus and Central Asian Studies that gradually evolved into full-fledged separate courses on Caucasus and Central Asia, thus positioning Alma Mater Studiorum as a leading Italian and one of the few European centers operating in these fields of studies.

In 2016 Dr Bininachvili with support of Professor Andreatta and Political Science Department , Unibo initiated the inclusion of his highly acclaimed Columbia University course on Intelligence and Political Decision-Making into the academic curriculum of the School of Diplomacy (SID) and for the first time in Bologna University launched the specialized Intelligence Studies for the future foreign policy practitioners.

Of particular interest and value for every student of contemporary international relations is his new course Politics and Society in Modern Iran (initiated in 2022) that reflects Professor Bininachvili's immense expertise based on decades of theoretical research and practical experience in this key Middle Eastern nation.

Albert Bininachvili authored a book on the US-Iran Relations based on the unique documents of the US Embassy captured during the hostage crisis and co-authored a monograph on the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

He has written extensively for the governments and corporate clients and published numerous articles on the politics of the Greater Middle East.

A member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, London, Council on Foreign Relations, New York and Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Moscow.

Albert Bininachvili holds PhD in International Relations from Institute for Oriental Studies, Moscow (Equipollenza Italiana from the Ministero dell Universita e Ricerca Scientifica) and

MA in History of the Middle East from Institute for Asian and African Studies, Moscow University(Equipollenza Italiana from Istituto Universitario Orientale di Napoli).

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