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Computational Tools 2015

Thrusday 26/03/2015

case study:


Wednesday 25/03/2015

"Database design" - presentation: 
iTunes export:


Friday 20/03/2015

"Database introduction" - presentation

Tuesday 10/03/2015



Friday 27/02/2015

N. Sandoli "Data Visualization" - presentation:


Wednesday 03/03/2015

quick survey:


Tuesday 03/03/2015

The workbook bookcase.xls contains metadata about a small set of books property of the aNobii web community: Title, Author, Type, Publisher, Pages, ISBN, Stars. 

files to download:
- exercise:
- exercise + solutions:

In the Analysis worksheet:
1. Cells E3:E12 - find the corresponding number of pages for each book;
2. Cell E15 - using the proper function find the smallest number in the range E3:E12;
3. Cells F3:F12 - classify the book by inserting the value "Big" if the number of the pages is greater than 400, “Medium” if is included between 200 and 400, "Small" if is lower then 200;
4. Cell E:19 – calculate the average number of pages per book of the publisher Mondadori;


Friday 27/02/2015

M. Vignocchi "Library services and bibliographic research" - presentation:


Wednesday 25/02/2015

spreadsheet exercise:


Tuesday 17/02/2015


kick-off little survey:

(easy) exercise:

step 1
Set the following formats:
- percentage with two decimal places: cell D6
- 8 digit number: cells D9:D20
 - accounting euro with 2 decimals: cells F9:G20
step 2
Calculate, for each row:
- VAT (amount  * VAT rate): cells G9:G20;
- total (amount * (1 + VAT rate)): cells H9: H20;
- calculate the sum and the averege of the values in the range cell H9:H20
step 3
- set a function to release the value "CAT A " where the amount of the total is greater than 1,500 €, otherwise  "CAT B" : cells I9:I20.

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