Foto del docente

Alberto Fregni

Assistant professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/22 Materials Science and Technology

Curriculum vitae


1992 - Master degree in Chemical Engineering - University of Bologna
Master thesis “Design of ceramic mixes with superior mechanical characteristics”

1993 – Advanced course in Ceramic Engineering

1994 - Professional practice examination for engineering licence. Enrolment in the Engineers Register of Modena.

1997 - PhD in Materials Engineering - University of Bologna.
Ph.D. thesis “Energy consumption in the ceramic tile manufacturing process in relation to type and production technology and to plant types and operation”


From 1993 to 2002 -Research Fellow at Centro Ceramico Bologna, Research and Experimentation Centre for the Ceramic Industry

From 2002 – Assistant Professor in Materials Science and Engineering - Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering, University of Bologna

The research activity is focused on issues related to Civil and Building Engineering with particular attention to the study of traditional and innovative building materials, their degradation and functionalization of traditional building materials aimed at conferring new properties and improving the their durability

During the period July-October 2008, he carried out a research period as Visiting Scholar at the Ceramic and Composit Materials Center of the Rutgers Material Science Department - Rutgers University - NJ, USA.

Laboratory Activities are carried out within the “Official Laboratory of Materials Science and Technology” (recognized as Official Laboratory of eminent utility by the Italian laws L. 26.05.65, n. 595 and L. 05.11.71, n. 1086) at DICAM

The main research topics are summarized as follows:

  • Valorisation of recycling materials by incorporation in traditional ceramic materials
  • Study and development of ceramic tiles with functionalized surfaces
  • Study of building materials with photocatalytic functions and pollution
  • Study of materials and technologies for building restoration

Teaching activities

He is and has been in charge of several Modules and Courses at the Engineering Faculty of the University of Bologna. Among others, he is in charge of modulus about “Materials science and technology” in the Course “Chemistry and technology of materials” (Degree Course in Building Engineering); modulus “Applied Chemistry” of the “Chemistry and Applied Chemistry” (Degree Course in Environmental Engineering) and he is in charge of course “Applied Chemistry Laboratory” (Degree Course in Environmental Engineering)

He is and has been Supervisor/ cosupervisor of about 30 degree theses discussed at the Engineering Faculty of Bologna in the field of materials for building and industrial engineering and of environmental issues connected with the use and recycle of materials.