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Quality Assurance. The Internal Quality Assurance system 

The University of Bologna’s Internal Quality Assurance System aims to improve the quality of its Study Programmes.
The quality of a Study Programme lies in its ability to provide appropriate solutions for the expectations of anyone who is interested in the educational services available:  students, families and the world of work.


The Internal Quality Assurance System regularly gathers and analyses important information – such as the number of students who graduate in line with the regular programme, or the employment situation of graduates - and based on this, plans concrete improvement actions. It is to all extents and purposes a self-assessment system.


The Internal Quality Assurance system aims to:
- guarantee that the quality of the teaching programmes is well documented, verifiable and assessable;
- facilitate access to information, making it clearer and more understandable for students, families and stakeholders in the employment world;
- promote a process of continuous improvement in Study Programmes.


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