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Valentina Crobe


Dipartimento di Scienze Biologiche, Geologiche e Ambientali

Settore scientifico disciplinare: BIO/05 ZOOLOGIA

Curriculum vitae


  • 01/11/2018 – present

    PhD Student in Cultural and Environmental Heritage

    University of Bologna, Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences

    Topic: “Exploring genetic variations and relations with ecological and environmental changes in past sawfish populations”

  • 01/11/2015 – 15/02/2018

    Master's degree (MSc) in Marine Biology (110/110)

    University of Bologna, Laboratory of Genetics Genomics of Marine Resources and Environment

    Thesis: “DNA barcoding of Atlantic skates (Chondrichthyes, Rajiformes): taxonomy, phylogeographic inferences and conservations impacts”

  • 24/09/2011 – 28/04/2015

    Bachelor's degree (BSc) in Natural Science University of Florence (109/110)

    Laboratory of Microbial Genetics

    Thesis: “Indagini molecolari sul microbioma intestinale di cetacei e tartarughe marine”

  • 09/2003 – 07/2008

    High School Diploma

    Liceo Scientifico Mariano IV d’Arborea, Oristano

    Research felloships

  • 12/07/2021 – 11/08/2021

    CoNISMa- Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Scienze del Mare.

    Collaborator in the framework of MEDUNITS Project “Study on Advancing fisheries assessment and management advice in the Mediterranean and Black Sea by aligning biological and management units of priority species.” EASME/EMFF/2017/ SI2.793201 -SC03.

  • 01/03/2018 - 31/10/2018

    University of Bologna, Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences.

    Topic: “Genetic Control of Tropical Tuna Sustainability and Traceability”

    Didactic Activity

  • 2020/2021 Support for laboratory and teaching activities of the Marine Biology master course “Applicazioni genetiche e genomiche per acquacoltura e pesca” Prof. Alessia Cariani. University of Bologna
  • 2018/2019; 2019/2020 Support for laboratory and teaching activities of the Marine Biology master course “Struttura e connettività delle popolazioni marine” Prof. Fausto Tinti and Prof. Alessia Cariani.University of Bologna.

 Correlator of Master thesis in Marine Biology, University of Bologna:


  • Msc student Maria Vittoria Iacovelli “Temperature tolerance and movement patterns of past Mediterranean Sawfish populations through measurements of stable isotopes”.


  • Msc student Giusy Catalano “Inferring the phylogeography and population structure of the Mediterranean endemic Starry ray Raja asterias (Delaroche,1809) with a special focus on egg cases geographical assignment”.
  • Msc student Gioele Ermini “Età, accrescimento e caratteristiche genetiche di Solea aegyptiacanel Mar Adriatico”.


  • Msc student Caterina Bergonzini “Molecular taxonomy and specific diversity of Mediterranean museum collections of ancient sawfish’s finds (Chondrichthyes, Pristidae)”

Training courses

  • 28/05/2020 Workshop online: “LaTeX: scientific formatting”, Department BiGeA, University of Bologna Ravenna, Italy
  • 22/01/2020 – 23/01/2020 Workshop: “Advanced course R and Statistics for PhD”, Department of Cultural Heritage, University of Bologna Ravenna, Italy
  • 11/02/2019 – 14/02/2019 Workshop online: “Introduction to R for Biologists”, National Center for Genome Analysis Support (NCGAS) 
  • 22/01/2020 – 23/01/2020 Workshop: “R environment for statistical computing”Department of Cultural Heritage, University of Bologna
  • 9/11/2017 – 13/11/2017 Participation in Research Project SOLEMON 2017 (FAO-Adriamed), CNR-ISMAR 
  • 16/04/2017 - 23/04/2017 Volunteer: ringing activities conducted according to scientific research purposes on the ecophysiology and phenology of bird migration, CISCA onlus, Le Forna, isle of Ponza 
  • 10/05/ 2016 – 11/05/2016 Workshop: Study and valuation of Elasmobranchs in the Italian waters: exploitation and conservation, University of Padova and SIBM Chioggia (VE), Italy 
  • 1/09/2014 – 5/09/2014 Workshop: Tenth European Seminar on Marine Mammals, UIPM Valencia, Spain
  • 20/08/2014 – 31/08/2014 University internship: participation in the technical cetology course and field research activities, Centro Ricerca Cetacei srl
  • 20/06/2010 – 30/06/2010 Volunteer: participation in the technical cetology course and field research activities in the Pelagos Sanctuary, Tethys Research Institute

Technical skills

  • Molecular biology: DNA extraction via standard protocols (salting out) and via commercial kits (FastDNATMSPIN Kit for soil, MP Biomedicals; vacuum Promega SV Wizard; Qiagen; RBC Bioscience; Invitek, Invisorb), gel electrophoresis, PCR.
  • Bioinformatic (Software): AliGROOVE v.1.06, MrBayes v.3.2.7, iQtree v.1.6.8, BAPS6, GENEMAPPER v.5.0, MEGA v.X, PeakScanner v.1.0, HapView, PopART, DNASP v.6.0, GENETIX v.4.05, FSTAT v., GENEPOP on the web v.4.2, GenALEx v.6.5, PAST v.1.72, ARLEQUIN v., PHYLIP package v.3.6, BEAST v.2.0, SRUCTURE, fastSTRUCTURE
  • Bibliographic instruments: Mendeley and Zotero

Additional informations

  • Diving Licence: FIPSAS-CMAS 2nd degree

    FIPSAS-CMAS Underwater Orientation and Navigation

  Open Water Diver PSS

Driving Licence B

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