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Pinuccia Pasqualina Calia

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Dipartimento di Scienze Statistiche "Paolo Fortunati"

Settore scientifico disciplinare: SECS-S/03 STATISTICA ECONOMICA


Pinuccia Pasqualina Calia, Cristina Brasili, Zbigniew Mogiła, Cohesion Policy Impact on Regional Development. Cross-sectional and Panel Data-based Spatial Analysis, in: Cities and regions in transition, Milano, Franco Angeli, 2023, pp. 228 - 247 (SCIENZE REGIONALI) [capitolo di libro]

Calia, Pinuccia P.; Sistu, Giovanni; Strazzera, Elisabetta, The Impact of Military Downsizing on Two Italian Communities: A Counterfactual Approach Using the Synthetic Control Method, «DEFENCE AND PEACE ECONOMICS», 2021, 32, pp. 600 - 620 [articolo]

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Antonelli, Gilberto; Calia, Pinuccia Pasqualina; Guidetti, Giovanni, Institutions, models of capitalism and inequality in income distribution. An empirical investigation, «SOCIO-ECONOMIC REVIEW», 2019, 17, pp. 651 - 685 [articolo]

Brasili C.; Calia P.; Monasterolo I., Mapping citizens' identification with the EU, «REGIONAL SCIENCE POLICY & PRACTICE», 2019, 11, pp. 655 - 672 [articolo]Open Access

Cristina Brasili; Alba Marino; Pinuccia Pasqualina Calia; Valentina Aiello, PERCEIVE project - DELIVERABLE 7.5 - GUIDELINES ON COHESION POLICY IMPLEMENTATION Guidelines to support Cohesion Policy makers are built on the basis of the main messages conveyed by the conducted survey, the statistical analysis and regional focus groups with guidelines and suggestions to support Cohesion Policy making. February 2019, European Commission, 2019. [rapporto tecnico]

Valentina Aiello, Cristina Brasili, Pinuccia Pasqualina Calia, Irene Monasterolo, PERCEIVE project - Deliverable D2.4 "Report on the probabilistic model of estimation of citizens’ identification with the EU project and ranking of the case study regions", 2018, pp. 54 . [rapporto tecnico]Open Access

Barberio, Vitaliano ; Kuric, Ines ; Calia, Pinuccia ; Mollona, Edoardo ; Pareschi, Luca, PERCEIVE project - Deliverable D5.4 "Report of the comparative analysis of the correlation between topics emergent from regional discourses on the one hand, and the awareness and perceptions of the EU (from Eurobarometer) on the other hand", 2018, pp. 42 . [rapporto tecnico]Open Access

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Valentina Aiello, Cristina Brasili, Pinuccia Calia, Pierre Reverberi, PERCEIVE project - Deliverable D1.1 "Annex 2.3. Report of the focus group with Cohesion Policy practitioners and final SWOT analysis of the case-study region Emilia-Romagna, Italy (ITH5)", 2017, pp. 52 . [rapporto tecnico]

Aiello V., Brasili C., Calia P., Reverberi P., PERCEIVE project - Deliverable D1.1 "Report on regional case-studies", 2017, pp. 51 . [rapporto tecnico]

Calia, PINUCCIA PASQUALINA, Quantitative methods for inequality measurement, in: Inequality in Economics and Sociology: New Perspectives, London, Taylor and Francis, 2017, pp. 205 - 229 [capitolo di libro]

Calia, Pinuccia; D'Attoma, Ida; Pacei, Silvia, Do Innovation and Offshoring Make a Difference? An Empirical Exploration of the Effects on the Performance of European Firms, «INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS RESEARCH», 2016, 9, pp. 98 - 115 [articolo]

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