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Antitrust slides

All slides related to the antitrust course are now available on this web site.

Pubblicato il: 15 maggio 2020

Exam correction method

For each of the following eight questions only one answer is correct. A different answer is incorrect but plausible. Two other answers are wrong. For each correct answer you will get 4 points. For an incorrect but plausible answer you will get 2 points. One point shall be awarded in the event of a wrong ...

Pubblicato il: 15 aprile 2020

European antitrust law - Exam example

QUESTION 1 “42 In the second place, as regards the participation of the travel agencies concerned in a concerted practice within the meaning of Article 101(1) TFEU, it must be recalled, first, that under that provision, the concept of a concerted practice implies (…) 43 Secondly, it must be pointed ...

Pubblicato il: 15 aprile 2020

Lectures on 10 -11-12 March

Dear Students  in this week we will continue the analysis of the parental liability issue (please read pp. 73-80 of the chapter on restriction of competition (RC). Then we will have a look at case law concerning the burden of proof and evidence (RC 35-46). If we have time we will start part related ...

Pubblicato il: 08 marzo 2020

Online lessons beginning on 5 March 2020, at 3 PM

Considering that the suspension of the traditional lessons is extended until March 15th, I have decided to try the online lessons. We will start tomorrow March 5th and we will follow the timetable already scheduled. Please when joining the lesson have the material with you. Let's hope for the best.

Pubblicato il: 04 marzo 2020