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Pietro Manzini

Professore ordinario

Dipartimento di Scienze Giuridiche

Settore scientifico disciplinare: IUS/14 DIRITTO DELL'UNIONE EUROPEA


Lectio magistralis Prof. Romano Prodi

Per gli studenti che desiderano partecipare alla lectio del Prof. Prodi, il link è il seguente:  

Pubblicato il: 22 marzo 2021

Antitrust slides

All slides related to the antitrust course are now available on this web site.

Pubblicato il: 15 maggio 2020

Exam correction method

For each of the following eight questions only one answer is correct. A different answer is incorrect but plausible. Two other answers are wrong. For each correct answer you will get 4 points. For an incorrect but plausible answer you will get 2 points. One point shall be awarded in the event of a wrong ...

Pubblicato il: 15 aprile 2020

European antitrust law - Exam example

QUESTION 1 “42 In the second place, as regards the participation of the travel agencies concerned in a concerted practice within the meaning of Article 101(1) TFEU, it must be recalled, first, that under that provision, the concept of a concerted practice implies (…) 43 Secondly, it must be pointed ...

Pubblicato il: 15 aprile 2020