Foto del docente

Paola Valbonesi

Adjunct professor

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences


P. Valbonesi; S. Franzellitti; A. Piano; A. Contin; C. Biondi; E. Fabbri., Evaluation of HSP70 expression and DNA damage in a human trophoblast cell line exposed to 1.8 GHz amplitude-modulated radiofrequency fields., «RADIATION RESEARCH», 2008, 169 (3), pp. 270 - 279 [Scientific article]

Fabbri E.; Valbonesi P.; Franzellitti S., HSP expression in bivalves., «INVERTEBRATE SURVIVAL JOURNAL», 2008, 5, pp. 135 - 161 [Scientific article]

S.Franzellitti; P. Valbonesi; A. Contin; C. Biondi; E. Fabbri., HSP70 Expression in Human Trophoblast Cells Exposed to Different 1.8 GHz Mobile Phone Signals., «RADIATION RESEARCH», 2008, 170, pp. 488 - 497 [Scientific article]

Piano A.; Valbonesi P.; Fabbri E., Expression of cytoprotective proteins, heat shock protein 70 and metallothioneins, in tissues of Ostrea edulis exposed to heat and heavy metals., «CELL STRESS & CHAPERONES», 2004, 9(2), pp. 134 - 142 [Scientific article]

Valbonesi P.; Caselli F.; Capuzzo A.; Fabbri E., Modulation of adenyl cyclase activity in the gills of Tapes philippinarum., «JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL ZOOLOGY. PART A COMPARATIVE EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY», 2004, 301(12), pp. 952 - 960 [Scientific article]

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