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Ornella Montebarocci

Associate Professor


Academic discipline: M-PSI/08 Clinical Psychology


O. Montebarocci; F.- Lo Dato; B. Baldaro; P. Morselli; N.C.F. Rossi, Anxiety and body satisfaction before and six months after mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery, «PSYCHOLOGICAL REPORTS», 2007, 101, pp. 100 - 106 [Scientific article]

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BALDARO B.; TUOZZI G.; CODISPOTI M.; MONTEBAROCCI O.; BARBAGLI F.; TROMBINI E.; ROSSI N.C.F., Aggressive and non-violent videogames: short-term psychological and cardiovascular effects on habitual players, «STRESS AND HEALTH», 2004, 20, pp. 203 - 208 [Scientific article]

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