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Start of 2018 course Cultural economics

The first lecture will be on March 1st   Please have a look at this book   please write messages to

Pubblicato il: 23 gennaio 2018

new interesting paper The Ironbridge Gorge Heritage Site and its local and regional functions W Cudny - Bulletin of Geography. Socio-economic Series, 2017

The Ironbridge Gorge Heritage Site and its local and regional functions Bulletin of Geography. Socio-economic Series, 2017   just uploaded

Pubblicato il: 29 aprile 2017

Green Book HM Treasury UK on Economic Evaluation

Pubblicato il: 27 aprile 2017

first written exam on April 21 - 13-15

It will be based on three open questions. students can select 2. the weight of the mark is higher compared to that of the second examination (May 19, to be confirmed)

Pubblicato il: 08 aprile 2017

Themes First lectures

The first lectures define the notion of cultural capital and value looking at interdisciplinary perspectives. Sustainability and human development are defined and used as frameworks. Those issues constitute the basis to develop consequential analyses on the economic value of culture, the management ...

Pubblicato il: 23 febbraio 2017


Essays are 5000 words long (of original and cited materials). Essays should be submitted by July at the latest and presented in class by end of may (not strictly necessary)

Pubblicato il: 09 maggio 2016

news on uploaded material and essay presentation

Students should check the updates and new files in Alma@Dl Campus Next lectures are Tuesday 10 (at 545pm), Friday 20, Tuesday 24 (at 6pm-730pm), Tuesday 31 if Necessary Friday 20 and tuesday 24 will be devoted to essays presentation in class by power point

Pubblicato il: 06 maggio 2016

Lecture 12 april

The lecture will begin at 6pm

Pubblicato il: 11 aprile 2016


The essay is a 5000 words length piece of work, where literature surveys, evidence from data sources are key pillars, or case studies of your interest. please cite all sources. Bibliography is relevant: cite and refer.

Pubblicato il: 05 aprile 2016

Suggestions and sites for writing essays

SITES where to find articles by keyword research DCMS site ...

Pubblicato il: 05 aprile 2016

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