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Regarding the presentation of essays (20 minutes each), the proposed allocation is the following May 17th – 9-1030 (Benevenuti, DI Battista, Ciccosillo) May 18th – 11-13 (Colombo, Liang, Ilishchuk) Let me know if additional students should present (there is room on Friday) Please register for the ...

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Students who aim at presenting the essay during the final two lectures should communicate it ( [] ) by May 10. The essay can be then sent by mail as well as the ppt/latex file of the presentation by May. Postponed deliveries should be agreed with Prof. Mazzanti.

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lecture 13 april

it begins at 1130am   the lecture is devoted to an individual discussion of proposed essays themes

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Suggested Book cost benefit analysis and WTP

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The discussion on essays themes is during the lecture April 19   Essays presentations in class are during the final (two) lecture(s) (depending on hwo many will be presented)

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essays for final examination

Option A - write an essay 5000-7000 words; discuss and present in class during the last lectures (additional marks) Option B - write an essay 5000-7000 words; submit by summer

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Lectures update

Friday 23, 1130-13

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please write messages to

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readings for second lecture

On the Performing Arts: The Anatomy of Their Economic Problems W. J. Baumol and W. G. Bowen The American Economic Review Vol. 55, No. 1/2 (Mar. 1, 1965), pp. 495-502   and

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Start of 2018 course Cultural economics

The first lecture will be on March 1st   Please have a look at this book   please write messages to

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