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Martina Tazzioli

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Dipartimento di Storia Culture Civiltà

Settore scientifico disciplinare: M-GGR/01 GEOGRAFIA

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Martina Tazzioli holds a PhD in Politics from Goldsmiths, University of London (2013), a MA and a BA in Philosophy from the University of Pisa. Before joining the University of Bologna, she was Reader in Politics & Technology at Goldsmiths. Her research is situated at the crossroad of Political Geography, critical Migration and Border Studies and Political Philosophy. She is working on three projects. One on memory of border controls and migrants’ struggles; a related project about counter-mapping and legal geographies of border violence on central Mediterranean route; and a research project about social reproduction activities in camps, with a focus on Greece. She is the author of "Border abolitionism: migration containment and the genealogies of struggles" (2023). The Making of Migration. The biopolitics of mobility at Europe’s borders (2019), Spaces of Governmentality: Autonomous Migration and the Arab Uprisings (2015) and Tunisia as a Revolutionised Space of Migration (2016).

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