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Luca Evangelisti

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Dipartimento di Chimica "Giacomo Ciamician"

Settore scientifico disciplinare: CHIM/02 CHIMICA FISICA


Li W.; Maris A.; Melandri S.; Lesarri A.; Evangelisti L., Molecular structure and internal dynamics of the antioxidant 2,6-di-tert-butylphenol, «JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR STRUCTURE», 2024, 1296, Article number: 136910, pp. 136910 - 136915 [articolo]Open Access

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Maris A.; Favero L.B.; Song W.; Lv D.; Evangelisti L.; Melandri S., Searching for biosignatures by their rotational spectrum: global fit and methyl group internal rotation features of dimethylsulphoxide up to 116 GHz, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ASTROBIOLOGY», 2022, 21, pp. 405 - 422 [articolo]Open Access

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