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Loredana Arienzo

Tutor didattico

Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Energia Elettrica e dell'Informazione "Guglielmo Marconi"

Dipartimento di Informatica - Scienza e Ingegneria

Temi di ricerca

Wireless communications, ad-hoc and sensor networks, distributed signal processing, tracking in ad-hoc and wireless sensor networks, cognitive radio networks, satellite communications, synchronization techniques for digital receivers, satellite navigation, optical wireless communications.

Analysis of the state of the art of satellite communications techniques and systems. Cognitive radio techniques to improve spectrum efficiency for satellite communications : to implement novel signal processing techniques that are channel-aware and cognitive.

To formulate the problem of spectrum sensing in energy efficient cognitive radio networks and describe the basic techniques that may be employed for energy efficient detection of the primary signal. Algorithms for the implementation of energy efficient spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks: energy-efficient metrics and collaborative techniques.

Analysis of parameter estimation techniques in the forward link of a multibeam DVB- S2 satellite system. Formulation of the problem of synchronization in satellite systems and then implementation of a pilot-aided technique adopting multiuser detection techniques. Assessment of the benefits by means of theoretical tools and numerical simulation in scenarios set ups characterized by increasing complexity and adherence to the actual working conditions of future systems, e.g., from AWGN channels to highly non linear mobile interference limited channels.