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Katia Rubini

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Department of Chemistry "Giacomo Ciamician"


R. Francesconi; A. Bigi; K. Rubini; F. Comelli, Excess Enthalpies, Heat Capacities, Densities, Viscosities and Refractive Indices of Dimethyl Sulfoxide + Three Aryl Alcohols at 308.15 K and Atmospheric Pressure., «JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING DATA», 2005, 50, pp. 1932 - 1937 [Scientific article]

A. Bigi; E. Boanini; S. Panzavolta; K. Rubini, GELATIN-CALCIUM PHOSPHATE BONE CEMENTS, in: , «JOURNAL OF BONE AND JOINT SURGERY-BRITISH VOLUME», 2005, 87-B, pp. 61 - 61 (atti di: IV Congresso Nazionale IORS, Bologna, 22-23 aprile 2004) [Abstract]

A. Bigi; E. Boanini; M. Gazzano; K. Rubini., Structural and morphological modifications of hydroxyapatite-polyaspartate composite crystals induced by heat treatment., «CRYSTAL RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY», 2005, 40, pp. 1094 - 1098 [Scientific article]

A. Bigi; S. Panzavolta; K. Rubini; L. Sturba; M. Fini; R. Giardino; P. Torricelli, A biomimetic bone cement containing gelatin and calcium phosphate, «JOURNAL OF APPLIED BIOMATERIALS & BIOMECHANICS», 2004, 2, pp. 195 - 195 [Scientific article]

FALINI G.; FERMANI S.; FORESTI E.; PARMA B.; RUBINI K.; SIDOTI M. C.; ROVERI N., Films of self-assembled purely helical type I collagen molecules, «JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY», 2004, 14(14), pp. 2297 - 2302 [Scientific article]

BIGI A.; E. BOANINI; K. RUBINI, Hydroxyapatite gels and nanocrystals prepared through a sol–gel process, «JOURNAL OF SOLID STATE CHEMISTRY», 2004, 177, pp. 3092 - 3098 [Scientific article]

A. Bigi; B. Bracci; G. Cojazzi; S. Panzavolta; K. Rubini, In vitro mineralization of gelatin–polyacrylic acid complex matrices., «JOURNAL OF BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE POLYMER EDITION», 2004, 15, pp. 243 - 254 [Scientific article]

D. Braga; L. Maini; M. Polito; S.L. Giaffreda; K. Rubini;F. Grepioni, making, using, transforming crystals: an organometallic hydrogen bonded material that reacts with vapours and crystals, in: transactions of the american crystallographic association: Crystals in supramolecular chemistry, s.l, s.n, 2004, 39, pp. (16)1 - (16)14 (atti di: Annual meeting of the American Crystallographic association, Chicago (USA), 17-22 luglio 2004) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

BIGI A.; E. BOANINI; M. GAZZANO; M.A. KOJDECKI; K. RUBINI, Microstructural investigation of hydroxyapatite-polyelectrolyte composites, «JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY», 2004, 14, pp. 274 - 279 [Scientific article]

V. De Pasquale; M. Solmi; S. Giannini; R. Buda; F. Di Caprio; R. Strocchi; P. Agati; K. Rubini; D. Martini; B. Bacchelli; A Ruggeri., Morphological and biomechanical features of homologus tibial tendon subjected to freezing and defrosting., in: , «ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ANATOMY AND EMBRYOLOGY», 2004, 109 suppl 1, pp. 243 - 243 (atti di: LVIII Congresso Società italiana di Anatomia, Chieti Italy, 17-19 Settembre 2004) [Abstract]

A. Bigi; E. Boanini; M. Gazzano; K. Rubini., Nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite-polyaspartate composites, «BIO-MEDICAL MATERIALS AND ENGINEERING», 2004, 14, pp. 573 - 579 [Scientific article]

BIGI A.; S. PANZAVOLTA; K. RUBINI., Relationship between triple helix content and mechanical properties of gelatin films, «BIOMATERIALS», 2004, 25, pp. 5675 - 5680 [Scientific article]

BIGI A.; PANZAVOLTA S; RUBINI K, Setting Mechanism of a Biomimetic Bone Cement., «CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS», 2004, 16, pp. 3740 - 3745 [Scientific article]

V. De Pasquale; M. Solmi; S. Giannini; R. Buda; E. Montanari; F. Di Caprio; P. Agati; L. Straqualursi; A. Bigi; K. Rubini; D. Martini; E. Orsini; R. Strocchi; A. Ruggeri, The influence of freezing and defrosting on the biomechanical and structural characteristics of posterior tibial tendon, in: XIXth Meeting of Federation of the European Connective Tissue Societies, s.l, s.n, 2004, pp. 143 - 143 (atti di: XIXth Meeting of Federation of the European Connective Tissue Societies, Taormina Messina, 9-13 Luglio 2004) [Abstract]

D. Braga; K. Rubini; L. Maini,, Transition from a charge-opposed (+)N-H-N(+) inter-cation hydrogen bonded form of the salt [HN(CH2CH2)3N][OOC(HC=CH] COOH] to the more traditional charge-assisted (+)N-H-O(-) cation-anion hydrogen bonded pseudo-polymorph upon hydration., «CRYSTENGCOMM», 2004, 6, pp. 236 - 238 [Scientific article]

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