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Jawad Ali


Dipartimento di Matematica

Settore scientifico disciplinare: MAT/05 ANALISI MATEMATICA

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I am Jawad Ali from Pakistan. I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Government College University Faisalabad, Pakistan, followed by a Master of Science degree in Mathematics from Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan. Currently, I am pursuing my Ph.D. in Mathematics at the esteemed University of Bologna in Italy. My research focuses on a captivating project centered around mathematical modeling, specifically within the realm of subriemanian geometry . This field presents an exciting opportunity to explore the intricate interplay between mathematics and its practical applications. I am passionate about delving deeper into this subject and contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field of mathematics.



Dipartimento di Matematica
Piazza di Porta San Donato 5, Bologna - Vai alla mappa

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