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Giuseppe Gasparre

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Dipartimento di Scienze Mediche e Chirurgiche

Settore scientifico disciplinare: MED/03 GENETICA MEDICA


Temi di ricerca

Temi di ricerca - Finanziamenti e progetti in corso:

Italian Ministry of Health Gasparre, G. (PI) 2016-2018

DISCO TRIP Disrupting mitochondrial complex I to trigger pseudonormoxia: an anticancer strategy. €381,000

Role: Principal Investigator


Worldwide Cancer Research UK Gasparre, G. (PI) 2016-2018

DHoMoS - Understanding the determinants of the homoplasmic shift of mitochondrial DNA mutations in families with recurrent oncocytomas £143500

Role: Principal Investigator


Ass. Italiana Ricerca sul Cancro  Gasparre, G. (PI)                                                                                  2014-2017

JANEUTICS - From the oncojanus function of mitochondrial genes to anti-cancer therapeutic strategies

IG 2013 – 14242   €290.000

Role: Principal Investigator


Ass. Italiana Ricerca sul Cancro  Gasparre, G. (PI)                                                                                  2012-2014

Mitochondrial dysfunction and low-proliferative tumor phenotype: Taking lessons from oncocytic tumors

AIRC/FIRC Fellowships €60,000

Role: Principal Investigator/Supervisor of an AIRC fellow


Ass. Italiana Ricerca sul Cancro  Gasparre, G. (PI)                                                                                  2014-2016

Human Papilloma Virus and malignant gliomas: from prognosis to molecular basis of tumorigenesis

AIRC/FIRC Fellowships  €60,000

Role: Principal Investigator/Supervisor of an AIRC fellow


MEET                  Gasparre, G. (PI)                                                                                                                                                                                  2013-2016

Mitochondrial European Educational Training

European Union – FP7; ITN People - Marie Curie Action.  €3,800,000

Role: Principal Investigator and Coordinator


GR-2011-02348722 – Italian Ministry of Health     Capasso, M. (PI)                                                                                 2014-2016

Genome-wide analyses to improve prognostic and therapeutic strategies in neuroblastoma  €120,000

Role: Coordinator of a local unit

Temi di ricerca - Finanziamenti e progetti completati

FIRB J31J10000040001   Gasparre, G. (PI)         

Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR)                                                                                          

Significato funzionale delle mutazioni del DNA mitocondriale nel cancro.

This study is a genetics and functional analysis of the tumorigenic potential of mitochondrial DNA mutations.

Role: Principal Investigator


IG8810    Romeo, G. (PI)                                         

AIRC – Italian Association for Cancer Research                                                                           

TRANSMIT – Translational significance of mitochondrial mutations in tumors.

The aim of this collaborative project is to define the determinants of the shift and selection of mitochondrial DNA mutations in cancer and correlate this process with the induction of a benign behavior of the tumor.

Role: researcher/grant manager


PERNO project for Neuro-Oncology   Eusebi, V. (PI)                    

Regione Emilia Romagna                                                                           

The project aims at characterizing tumors of the CNS, also in terms of mitochondrial mutations and metabolism.

Role: researcher


IG1157     Tallini, G. (PI)                                                    

AIRC – Italian Association for Cancer Research                                                                                       

Functional genomics of thyroid oncocytoma.

The project studied the molecular determinants underlying oncocytic transformation in thyroid cancer.

Role: researcher


HERMIONE   Mehlen, P. (PI)                                                    

European Union                                                                                           

The role of dependence receptors in cancer

The goal of this project was to study the interactions between dependence receptor and their ligands in determining apoptosis in cancer to provide novel therapeutic strategies.

Role: researcher


PRIN 2006064992_001   Romeo, G. (PI)     

Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR)

Variability and function of mitochondrial mutations in physiological and pathological conditions.

The project aimed at studying the variability of mitochondrial DNA mutations in correlation with their pathologic potential.

Role: researcher


The main stream of research focused on dissecting the details of the metabolic status of a model for the study of mitochondria in cancer, namely oncocytic tumors, presenting mitochondrial hyperplasia as a distinctive hallmark. The collaborations with other Italian and foreign groups, as evident from publications, led to the identification of specific genetic markers in oncocytic tumors which are associated to defective mitochondrial energy metabolism. The research is now focussing on the understanding of the mechanisms by which mitochondrial mutations are selected for in oncocytic and non oncocytic cancer cells, and the impact they have on the hypoxic response. The identification of a correlation between the defective energy metabolism, the deregulated expression of certain genes involved in both mitochondrial biogenesis and in proliferation and invasivity, has exploited both in vitro and in in vivo models (nude mice). The aim is currently to clarify the biological meaning of such selected mutations in lowering the tumorigenic potential, and hopefully suggest therapeutic strategies. The selected publications are research papers that investigate the multifaceted functional role of mitochondrial DNA mutations in cell models and human cancers, which represent the efforts conducted in the past eight years, also thanks to ad hoc funding to the candidate. Some papers deal instead with the nuclear mitochondrial sequences (NumtS) biology, whose role within the cell genome is yet ambiguous, and their potential use as population markers, a branch of research stemmed from the study of the mitochondrial genome in molecular oncology.

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