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Summer School| [September 4-8, 2023] : STEP4Syria - Sustainable actions to tackle energy poverty in Syria

The Department of Industrial Engineering (DIN), in collaboration with the Department of Architecture (DA), is organizing the International Summer School STEP4Syria - Sustainable Actions to Tackle Energy Poverty in Syria to be held in attendance from September 4-8, 2023. The initiative is part of the STEP4Syria project, funded by the University of Bologna under the UNIBO - Global South program for the period 2022-2023.

The summer school is aimed at a maximum of 12 students who belong to the master's degree programs in Energy Engineering, the single-cycle and master's degree programs in Building Engineering-Architecture, the master's degree program in Electrical Engineering, but it is also open to students from other master's degree programs in Engineering.

1) Purpose

The event is part of the Step4Syria project, which is part of broader research funded by the University under a Global South call. One of the objectives of the project is the dissemination and transfer of technical-scientific knowledge on the topic of energy poverty, a complex and multidimensional concept that concerns people's difficulty in accessing essential services related to energy use. Therefore, the Summer School is aimed at enriching the education of the students of the Degree Courses involved, through the analysis of application cases, which will be tackled in the multidisciplinary teaching laboratory to experiment with strategic and technological solutions that are different from the best-known contexts, such as the European one.

The Summer School will be conducted by a team from the University of Bologna, in collaboration with Damascus University. Participants in the intensive course will be able to approach the issue of energy poverty and solutions to counter it in a direct way. The strongly international nature of the Summer School also ensures a broad cultural exchange and perspectives on a broader scale.

To achieve the goal, it is planned to:

  • Document sharing with participants: initial information about the final program will be shared via repository downstream of candidate selection so that participants can view the information and teaching materials; additional information and teaching materials will be shared via repository during activity days.
  • Results of activities: work may be disclosed through channels chosen by the organizers if no conditions are indicated by the participants that otherwise require keeping it secret.

2) Titles of participation

Students regularly enrolled for 2022/23 who belong to the following courses of study may participate in the Summer School.

  • Fourth and fifth years of the single-cycle Master in Building Engineering-Architecture (Code 0940)
  • First and second year of the Master in Building Engineering-Architecture, Architectural Engineering curriculum (Cod. 5697)
  • First and second year of the master's degree program in Energy Engineering (Cod. 0935)

The summer school is also open to students from other master's in engineering degree programs.


3) Content and Methods of  Activities

The Summer School is aimed at enriching the education of students from the universities involved, the transfer of technical and scientific knowledge, through the analysis of application cases that come from the Syrian context, for the identification of technological solutions but also urban planning choices to mitigate energy poverty, through an interdisciplinary approach.

The activities will take place from September 4 to 8, 2023, in-person at the venue in Via Risorgimento, 2 in Bologna, and remote participation will be provided for students from Damascus University.

Activities will include:

  • Thematic seminars with university professors and experts in the field
  • Group workshop with development of project that will be presented by the students at the end of the activities

The final program will be communicated to the students at the end of the selection process

4) Participation and Selection

To express your interest in participating in the Summer School, you must send an email from your institutional email address ( to the following email address: [] , by June 30, 2023, 11:59 p.m. with the email subject line "SUMMER SCHOOL STEP4Syria 2023." The email must contain the following documents:

1) Photocopy of a valid ID of the participant.

2) Motivational letter containing one's self-presentation and a description of one's personal motivations for applying to participate in the Summer School, including one's interest in the subject of energy poverty.

3) Curriculum Vitae in Europass format.

All listed documents must be submitted in pdf format.

In case that the received expressions of interest exceed the maximum number of 12, a selection will be done based on the documentation submitted and a confirmation of participation will be send by email by July 03, 2023.

Selected students should then confirm their interest and participation in response to the email no later than July 10, 2023.

4) Titles

A certificate of participation will be issued at the end of the Summer School. In addition, students may apply to their relevant Course of Study for the recognition of 2 extra-curricular CFU in type D (free choice) in SSDs related to the themes of the pathway.

The Project Manager is Prof. Giovanni Semprini ( [] ).

Further information on the procedure can be obtained from the following contacts: Dr. Annalisa Barbolini, via MsTeams or email: [] .


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