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Giovanni Cupini

Full Professor

Department of Mathematics

Academic discipline: MAT/05 Mathematical Analysis


P. Celada; G. Cupini; M. Guidorzi, On the existence of minimizers for nonconvex variational problems, «FAR EAST JOURNAL OF APPLIED MATHEMATICS», 2004, 15, pp. 427 - 458 [Scientific article]

Cupini G.; Migliorini A.P., Hölder Continuity for Local Minimizers of a Nonconvex Variational Problem, «JOURNAL OF CONVEX ANALYSIS», 2003, 10, pp. 389 - 408 [Scientific article]

Cupini G.; Petti R., Hölder continuity of local minimizers of vectorial integral functional, «NODEA-NONLINEAR DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS AND APPLICATIONS», 2003, 10, pp. 269 - 285 [Scientific article]

Cupini G.; Guidorzi M.; Mascolo E., Regularity of minimizers of vectorial integrals with p - q growth, «NONLINEAR ANALYSIS», 2003, 54, pp. 591 - 616 [Scientific article]

Cupini G.; Fusco N.; Petti R., Hölder continuity of local minimizers, «JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS AND APPLICATIONS», 1999, 235, pp. 578 - 597 [Scientific article]

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