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Giorgio Spada

Full Professor

Department of Physics and Astronomy "Augusto Righi"

Academic discipline: GEO/10 Solid Earth Geophysics


Vacchi, Matteo; Ghilardi, Matthieu; SPADA, GIORGIO; Currás, Andrés; Robresco, Sébastien, New insights into the sea-level evolution in Corsica (NW Mediterranean) since the late Neolithic, «JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE: REPORTS», 2017, 12, pp. 782 - 793 [Scientific article]

Meyssignac, B.; Fettweis, X.; Chevrier, R.; SPADA, GIORGIO, Regional Sea Level Changes for the Twentieth and the Twenty-First Centuries Induced by the Regional Variability in Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Loss, «JOURNAL OF CLIMATE», 2017, 30, pp. 2011 - 2028 [Scientific article]

Perini, Luisa; Calabrese, Lorenzo; Luciani, Paolo; Olivieri, Marco; Galassi, Gaia; Spada, Giorgio, Sea-level rise along the Emilia-Romagna coast (Northern Italy) in 2100: scenarios and impacts, «NATURAL HAZARDS AND EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCES», 2017, 17, pp. 2271 - 2287 [Scientific article]

Compton, Kathleen; Bennett, Richard A.; Hreinsdóttir, Sigrún; van Dam, Tonie; Bordoni, Andrea; Barletta, Valentina; SPADA, GIORGIO, Short-term variations of Icelandic ice cap mass inferred from cGPS coordinate time series, «GEOCHEMISTRY, GEOPHYSICS, GEOSYSTEMS», 2017, 18, pp. 2099 - 2119 [Scientific article]

GALASSI, GAIA; SPADA, GIORGIO, Tide gauge observations in Antarctica (1958–2014) and recent ice loss, «ANTARCTIC SCIENCE», 2017, 29, pp. 1 - 13 [Scientific article]

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Vacchi, Matteo; Marriner, Nick; Morhange, Christophe; SPADA, GIORGIO; Fontana, Alessandro; Rovere, Alessio, Multiproxy assessment of Holocene relative sea-level changes in the western Mediterranean: Sea-level variability and improvements in the definition of the isostatic signal, «EARTH-SCIENCE REVIEWS», 2016, 155, pp. 172 - 197 [Scientific article]

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SPADA, GIORGIO; Galassi, G., Spectral analysis of sea level during the altimetry era, and evidence for GIA and glacial melting fingerprints, «GLOBAL AND PLANETARY CHANGE», 2016, 143, pp. 34 - 49 [Scientific article]

Barlow, N. L. M.; Bentley, M. J.; SPADA, GIORGIO; Evans, D. J. A.; Hansom, J. D.; Brader, M. D.; White, D. A.; Zander, A.; Berg, S., Testing models of ice cap extent, South Georgia, sub-Antarctic, «QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS», 2016, 154, pp. 157 - 168 [Scientific article]

Goslin, Jérôme; Van Vliet Lanoë, Brigitte; SPADA, GIORGIO; Bradley, Sarah; Tarasov, Lev; Neill, Simon; Suanez, Serge, A new Holocene relative sea-level curve for western Brittany (France): Insights on isostatic dynamics along the Atlantic coasts of north-western Europe, «QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS», 2015, 129, pp. 341 - 365 [Scientific article]

Melini, Daniele; Gegout, Pascal; King, Matt; Marzeion, Ben; SPADA, GIORGIO, On the Rebound: Modeling Earth's Ever-Changing Shape, «EOS», 2015, 96, pp. 1 - 1 [Scientific article]

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