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Giorgio Lenaz

Emeritus Professor

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

Adjunct professor

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences


Genova M.L.; Lenaz G., New developments on the functions of coenzyme Q in mitochondria., «BIOFACTORS», 2011, 37, pp. 330 - 354 [Scientific article]

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Falcioni M.L.; Nasuti C.; Bergamini C.; Fato R.; Lenaz G.; Gabbianelli R., The primary role of glutathione against nuclear DNA damage of striatum induced by permethrin in rats., «NEUROSCIENCE», 2010, 168, pp. 2 - 10 [Scientific article]

M.L. Genova; G. Barbero; M.E. Dalmonte; M. Faccioli; A.I. Falasca; G. Lenaz, Characterisation of the supramolecular organisation of the mitochondrial respiratory chain: a methodological approach by Metabolic Control Analysis., in: AUTORI VARI, Systems Biology for Health, MILANO, Locomia Innovazione, 2009, 4, pp. 75 - 77 (atti di: SysBioHealth Symposium, Milano, 25-27 Novembre 2009) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

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