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Gabriele Prati

Associate Professor


Academic discipline: M-PSI/05 Social Psychology


Prati, Gabriele; De Angelis, Marco; Fraboni, Federico; Pietrantoni, Luca; Johnson, Daniel; Shires, Jeremy, Journey Attributes, E-Bike Use, and Perception of Driving Behavior of Motorists as Predictors of Bicycle Crash Involvement and Severity, «TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD», 2020, 2674, pp. 581 - 589 [Scientific article]

Elvira Cicognani, Iana Tzankova, Gabriele, Prati, Peter Noack, Katharina Eckstein, Profiles of youth citizenship orientations: the role of the school, neighbourhood, family and peers contexts, in: Adolescence in a rapidly changing world. 17th EARA conference, Porto, Faculty of Psychology and Education Science of the University of Porto, 2020, pp. 16 - 17 (atti di: Adolescence in a rapidly changing world. 17th EARA conference, Portogallo, 2-5 settembre 2020) [Abstract]Open Access

Prati, Gabriele; Procentese, Fortuna; Albanesi, Cinzia; Cicognani, Elvira; Fedi, Angela; Gatti, Flora; Mannarini, Terri; Rochira, Alessia; Tartaglia, Stefano; Boyd, Neil; Nowell, Branda; Gattino, Silvia, Psychometric properties of the Italian version of the sense of community responsibility scale, «JOURNAL OF COMMUNITY PSYCHOLOGY», 2020, 48, pp. 1770 - 1790 [Scientific article]

Cicognani, Elvira; Albanesi, Cinzia; Valletta, Luana; Prati, Gabriele, Quality of collaboration within health promotion partnerships: Impact on sense of community, empowerment, and perceived projects' outcomes, «JOURNAL OF COMMUNITY PSYCHOLOGY», 2020, 48, pp. 323 - 336 [Scientific article]Open Access

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