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Francesco Paolucci

Professore associato

Dipartimento di Sociologia e Diritto dell'Economia

Settore scientifico disciplinare: SECS-P/03 SCIENZA DELLE FINANZE

Curriculum vitae

Academic Employment:

2018-present: Professor of Health Economics at University of Newcastle

2014-present: Associate Professor at University of Bologna


Professional Experience

2019-present: Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) affiliate

2018-2019: Chief Advisor Health Care Reform at Minister of Health of Chile

2017: Member of Italian National Health Technical Committee for the Allocation of Funds as Representative for Emilia-Romagna Region.(Servizio Sanitario Nazionale, Italy)

2014-2018: Associate Professor in Health Policy and Economics at Murdoch University

2014-2018: Head of Health Administration, policy and Leadership programs at Murdoch University

2014: Associate Professor of Health Policy at the university of Western Australia

2012-2014: Reader, Department of Health Community and Education Studies, at the University of Northumbria Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom.

2013: Senior advisor on the National Social Health Insurance Design and Implementation Project at the Supreme Council of Health in Doha, Qatar

2009-2013: Consultant at Deloitte Australia

2007-2013: Fellow at the Australian National University

2009-2012: International Coordinador for the Joint Master Degree in health Economics and Management at University of Bologna, Erasmus university Rotterdam, University of Oslo, Management Centre Innsbruck

2008-2012: Adjunct Senior Lecturer at University of Bologna, Erasmus university Rotterdam, University of Oslo, Management Centre Innsbruck

2011: Consultant at Synergys AB

2002-2007: Researcher and Co-Director of the MSc HEPL, at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Professional Memberships & Associations

2020-present: Member and creator of the Value in health economics and policy group (VHEP)

2020-present: Member of the Australian Association of University Professors (AAUP)

2017-present: Associate editor at Health Policy and Technology Journal

2016-present: Associate Editor in Public Health Policy at Frontiers

2016-present: Member of Australian Society of Healthcare Services and Management Australia

2007-present: Member of Economic Society of Australia

2007-present: Member of Australian Health Economics Society

2003-present: Permanent Member and Country Coordinator for Australia (Risk Adjustment Network, the Netherlands)

2002-present: Member of International Health Economics Association (Australia)

2018: Member of the local organising committee for the Precision Public Health International (University of Western Australia, Australia)

2014-2015: Member of the International Collaborations Advisory Group (Murdoch University, Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy & International Affairs, Australia)

2014-2015: Member of the Cockburn Initiative Feasibility Group (Murdoch University, Australia)

2014-2015: Member of the Health Initiative Task Force (Fiona Stanley Hospital, Murdoch University, South Metro Health District WA, Australia)



1998 – 2002: Laurea in Economica Politica, University of Bologna, Italy.

2002 – 2007: PhD, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands.



2017: Outstanding Business Engagement Research (Murdoch University)

2016: 40under40 Business News award in WA for entrepreneurial and business leadership (Business News)

2013: Ones to watch (Mena Insurance Review)

2009: ANU Vice-Chancellors grant for visiting international academic: Peter Zweifel (Australian National University)

2008: Two ANU Vice-Chancellor's grants for visiting Eurropean and American universities and institutions, and for visiting international academic (John Armstrong, Chief Actuary VHI-Ireland) (Australian National University)


Research Grants


  1. Grant from NHMRC. A practice change intervention to increase the routine provision of care addressing gestational weight gain: a stepped-wedge trial. (2020-23) ~ $734,163 AUD. (Investigator). (Awarded in progress).
  2. Grant from Hunter New England Local Health District. A practice change intervention to increase the routine provision of care addressing gestational weight gain: a stepped-wedge trial. (2020-23) ~ $180,000 AUD. (Investigator). (Awarded in progress).
  3. ARC Discovery Project grant. Child Dental Benefit Policies and the Health of Australian Children (2020-22). ~$250,000 AUD. (Investigator). (Awarded in progress).


  1. International Research Collaboration Grants. (2019-21):
    A) University of Newcastle with Aston University (UK). ~20,000 AUD. (Project Leader). (Awarded in progress)
    B) University of Newcastle with the University of Bologna (Italy). ~20,000 AUD. (Project Leader) (Awarded in progress)
  2. Industry matching grants with the University of Newcastle. (2019-21)
    A) nib Health Funds Limited. ~ $40,000 AUD (Project leader). (Awarded in progress)
    B) Medical Technology Association Australia. ~ $40,000 AUD (Investigator) (Awarded in progress).
  3. Grant from Australia Africa Universities Network (AAUN). Economic Development, Health and Nutrition for Sustainable Development. (2019-20) ~ $10,000. (Investigator). (Awarded in progress)


  1. Grant from NHMRC (National Health & Medical Research Council) (2019-20). The PRETEND Trial: A mixed methods study evaluating PREferences, feasibility, and costs of performing sham surgery Trials involving major surgical procedures. Duration: 2 years, with University of Melbourne. (2019-20) ~450,000 AUD. (Investigator). (Awarded in progress)


  1. Grant from Horizon2020 (2017-22) on “Repurposing of carbamazepine for treatment of skeletal dysplasia”. Call: H2020-SC1-2016-2017 (Personalised Medicine), with International Consortium of industry and academia including partners such as UNEW, INSERM, UZA, UKL-FR, MCRI, GSTFT, IOR, Total Amount Euros 5,697,390.50 (Unibo Team leader) (Awarded in progress).
  2. Grant from Cancer Research Trust. CRT Collaborative Cancer Research Grant; (2017-22): ‘Patients First: the Continuous Improvement in Care – Cancer (The ‘CIC’ Cancer Project)’, with Saunders C; Bellgard M, Bulsara C. Bulsara M, Codde J, Ives A, Johnson C, McKenzie A, Micallef J, Paolucci F, Platt V, Preen D, Reid C, Slavova-Azmanova N, Zeps N, Yeates A; $ 750k pa for 5 years, i.e. $ 3.5 million. (advisor). (Awarded in progress).
  3. Grant from Horizon 2020. Call: H2020-SC1-2016-2017 (Personalised Medicine). Type of action: RIA. Proposal Acronym: ‘ORTHOUNION’, with International Consortium of industry and academia including partners such as UAM, Sermas, Efs, Uulm, Institut Netional De La Sante, Ecrin, Chu Tours, Ior, Unimore, Fondazione IRCCS; over 5 years (2017-22) 6 Millions Euros. (Unibo Team Leader) (Awarded in progress)


  1. Grant from Medical Research Foundation. 2015. ‘Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus’ in collaboration with Fiona Stanley (e.g. Geoff Coombs, Owen Robinson et al.). $16,500. (data advisory). (completed)
  2. Murdoch University SIF grant: SCRIPT. 2015. $ 300k. (with Prof McKiernan, Dr Vas, Dr Wearing et al.).
  3. Grant from Murdoch University Small Grant Scheme, SGS2015MORTIMERJONES on Evaluation of the open borders programme” in collaboration and under the leadership of the School of Health Professions, with Sheila Mortimer-Jones RN, PhD, Paul Morrison RN, PhD, Ahmed Munib PhD, Francesco Paolucci PhD, Sonia Neale, Amanda Bostwick RN & Catherine Hungerford RN, PhD. 2015. ~$ 15k. (advisor) (completed)


  1. Grant from Mitchell Institute (now Australian Health Policy Collaboration at Victoria University Melbourne) in collaboration with University of Madrid to investigate chronic care funding models by developing an economic conceptual framework and international case-studies on best practices in the management of chronic conditions 2014-2015. ~$100k. (supervisor and project leader & manager; ~10 months, completed).
  2. School of Management seed grant funding x2 (in collaboration with colleagues in the School and international). 2014-2015. ~$ 7k. (supervisor and project manager) (completed).
  3. Visiting Scholar Grant at the Universidad Complutense Madrid to work on “The Design of Risk Adjustment in the Spanish Public Hospital Financing Scheme”, 2011. ~ Euros 20k. (~ 6 months completed).


  1. ACHR grant on “Risk equalization techniques: an international comparison”, 2010 with Monash University. (5 months) ~ $ 80k. (completed).
  2. ARC-linkage Grant on "Approved Project Title Time scarcity in Australian families: another inequity?" (with Dr Lyndall Strazdins, Prof Dorothy H Broom, Mr John D Glover, Dr Catherine Banwell, Dr Jane M Dixon, Dr Amy L Griffin, Dr Rosemary Korda, Miss Megan A Shipley, Dr Marian T Esler, Dr Stephen J Corbett). (2010-2014) ~ $ 325k. (completed).

Research Consultancy Grants


  • Project commissioned by HMRI - 3 aug – 27 November 2020 – Customisation of Impact Assessment resources for inclusion in a research ecosystem that will form the basis of a 2021 Synergy Grant. ~ $15,950 AUD. (supervisor and project manager) (Awarded in progress).


  • Project commissioned by Ishar Exploratory Study - Ishars impact on community health and wellbeing. 2017, ~ $ 30k. (supervisor and project manager) (completed).
  • Project commissioned by Medibank Private Limited to evaluate the potential impact of an ex-ante risk-equalisation model on the Australian PHI market. 2017. ~ $ 35k. (supervisor and project manager) (completed).


  • Projects commissioned by the Department of Health (WA):
    a. To analysis the economic and social impact of rare diseases on WA health system. 2017. ~ $ 50k (supervisor and project manager) (completed).
    b. Support the Development and implementation of the WA Health Networks Action Plan. 2016-17. ~ $ 100k. (supervisor and project manager; duration ~12 months) (completed).
  • Project commissioned by Saint John of God Healthcare to evaluate hospital performance and costing modelling. 2016. ~ $ 50k. (supervisor and project manager; duration ~6 months) (completed).


  • Project commissioned by Primary Health Care provider 360 to evaluate their primary healthcare programs. 2015. ~ $ 113k. (supervisor and project manager; duration ~ 10 months) (completed).


  • Project commissioned by Micro Insurance Academy (Geneva-New Dehli) to study the “Feasibility of risk-adjusted subsidies in Cambodia”. 2013. ~ $ 30 k. (supervisor and project manager; duration ~ 6 months) (completed).


  • Project commissioned by the Colombian Health Insurance Authority on “Evaluation of the ex-post risk-equalisation mechanism” in collaboration with University of Madrid. 2012. (with Prof Goni). ~ $ 30 k. (supervisor and project manager; duration ~ 6 months) (completed).


  • Project commissioned by Medibank Private Limited to investigate “The future of private health insurance in Australia: an economic analysis of (1) ‘Business-As-Usual’ and (2) ‘Medicare Select’ scenarios”, with Concept Economics, 2009. (with Prof Ergas). ~ $ 100k. (supervisor and project manager; duration ~ 6 months) (completed).


Industries Collaborations and Consultancies:

State, National and International collaborations which lead to funded projects and reports including:

  1. “Analysing NSW traffic data to assess the cost effectiveness of social distancing in COVID-19 times” commissioned by HRF. (completed, 2020)
  2. “Together Greater”, commisioned by GreaterBank, (completed, 2020).
  3. “The role of private health insurance within healthcare systems”, commissioned by Charles River Associates (CRA) – Newcastle, Australia (completed, 2020)
  4. Project in collaboration with the MENZIES Center focusing on: • A comparative analysis of policy interventions put in place by the governments to face COVID-19 • An analysis on the economic, finance and social impact of COVD-19 • The collection of a comprehensive database which gather epidemiological, demographic and socio-economic data that will be used to predict future trends.
  5. Expert advisory to assess the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of adjuvant and methastatic melanoma commisioned by MAT. (completed, 2020).
  6. “La stima dei fabbisogni finanziari di Aziende USL e Distretti sanitari sulla base dei consumi ospedalieri”, commissioned by and prepared for the Regional Government of Emilia-Romagna’s Health Trusts – Bologna, Italy (2018).
  7. “Exploratory Study – Ishar’s impact on community health and wellbeing”, commissioned by and prepared for Ishar – Perth, WA, Australia. (2018).
  8. “Designing risk-adjusted subsidies to replace premium rebate regulations in the Australian Private Health Insurance market Research Plan – Project methodology and outputs”, commissioned by and prepared for Medibank Private limited – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. (completed, 2018).
  9. “To investigate the economic and social impact of Rare Diseases on individuals, the health system and society”, commissioned by and prepared for the Department of Health – Perth, WA, Australia. (completed, July 2017).
  10. “Support the Development and implementation of the WA Health Networks Action Plan”, commissioned by and prepared for the Department of Health – Perth, WA, Australia. (completed, June 2017).
  11. “360 Programme Evaluation”, commissioned by and prepared for 360 Health and Community – Perth, WA, Australia. (completed, 2016).
  12. “SJGSH Evaluation of Data Extraction and Analysis Capabilities -DRG Project 2015”, commissioned by and prepared for Saint John’s of God Health Care – Perth, WA, Australia. (completed, 2015).
  13. “The Case for Change Towards Universal and Sustainable National Health Insurance & Financing for Australia: Enabling the Transition to a Chronic Condition Focussed Health Care System” commissioned by and prepared for Mitchell Institute – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 2014-15. Technical paper No. 2015-07 November 2015.
  14. “Risk Adjustment in Colombia” commissioned by and prepared for Colombian Insurance Association – Bogota, Colombia. (completed, 2012).
  15. “The impact of the new regulations for interregional cross-border care in Italy on the provision of highly complex discolisis procedures” commissioned by and prepared for Synergus – Stockholm, Sweden. (completed 2011).
  16. Expert advice on modelling the demand elasticity for private health insurance and private health care in Australia, provided to the Deloitte Economics Sydney Team engaged by the NSW government, 2011, to advise the Government on the effects of proposed changes in 2009.
  17. Expert advice on the potential gains of elective surgery units in NSW, provided to the Deloitte Economics Sydney Team engaged by the NSW government, 2011, to advise the Government on potential changes in the elective surgery sector in NSW.
  18. Expert advice on the economics and financial analysis of over 15 countries health insurance markets. Consultancy with Deloitte Economics Australia engaged by CIGNA, 2010.
  19. Expert advice on the economics of Uniting Care Australia business model. Consultancy with Deloitte Economics Australia engaged by Uniting Care, Submission to the Productivity Commission inquiry into Aged Care in Australia, 2010.
  20. “Incentives, risk equalisation and product differentiation in the Australian PHI market” and “Moving towards regulated competition in Australia: challenges, opportunities and pathway”, commissioned by and prepared for Medibank Private Limited - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. (completed, 2009-10)
  21. “An Economic Analysis of the Australian National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) Supply Chain Review Report”, commissioned by and prepared for the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, to respond to Australian Government proposal of modifying the NDSS system – Canberra, ACT, Australia. (completed, 2009)
  22. “Costs of functional separation: the case of Telecom Italia”, commissioned by and prepared for Telecom Italia, to respond to Italian Government proposal of introducing functional separation in the Italian market for NTNs – Rome, Italy. (completed, 2008)


Presentation Invitations


  • Speaker at Actuaries Institute – What Have We Learned From this Crisis? (Newcastle, Australia,)
  • Speaker at Centro de Estudio Publico (CEP) - Estrategias para enfrentar el COVID-19 y algunos aprendizajes. Los casos de Australia, Italia, Nueva Zelanda y Suecia. (Santiago, Chile & Newcastle, Australia)


  • Speaker at Business and Policy Analytics workshop (Newcastle and Sydney, Australia, Chile)
  • Speaker at Health Economics Evaluations and Discrete Choice Experiments workshop “ Integrating HTA with DCE: Theory Practice and Challenges” (Newcastle, Australia)
  • Risk Adjustment Network annual meeting, two presentations on “Risk-rating and Risk-Adjustment in Private Health Insurance in Chile” “Country Update for Australia and Chile” (Presenter) (Portland, Maine, United States of America)
  • Paper accepted for conference at British Academy of Management (BAM) (Birmingham, England)
  • Presenter at Newcastle Business School “Moving towards regulated competition with risk-adjusted subsidies in Chile: evaluating the impact of DCGs on a simulated expanded universal package”. (Newcastle, Australia).
  • Presenter at UAM/MIAS Workshop “Current topic in Health Economics” at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid on “"Health insurance reforms in the making: evidence from Chile". (Madrid, Spain)


  • Keynote speaker at workshop organised and launched by the Minister of Health of Chile entitled “Experiencia internacional: lecciones para Chile” (Santiago, Chile)
  • Risk Adjustment Network annual meeting, two presentations on “Managed Competition in the Making: The Case of The New Health Insurance Law in Chile” “Voluntary Deductibles in Chile: Theory and Practice” (Presenter) (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • Invited Speaker at organised seminar by PROESA entitled “Introducing diagnosis-based risk-adjustment in Chile” (Cali, Colombia)
  • Chair and organiser of symposium entitled “Contemporary tensions in the economics of Australian health care” featuring Steven Duckett (Perth, Australia)
  • Invited Keynote speaker at the workshop entitled “Health Insurance Design and Economics” organised by Stradina University and Industry (Riga, Latvia)


  • Keynote Speaker at EISAH-EXPO HOSPITAL 2017: “Isapres en el proximo Gobierno:
    agenda corta o reforma de salud?” (Santiago, Chile)
  • Keynote Speaker at CEP workshop on: “Reformando el sistema de seguros de salud chileno. Elección, competencia regulada y subsidios por riesgo” (Santiago, Chile)
  • Invited Speaker at Curtin Corner (John Curtin Institute of Public Policy: “Australian Private Health Insurance: Challenges and Opportunities” (Perth, Australia)
  • Symposium: “Sustainable Future for Health” (Organiser and Discussant) (Murdoch University, Perth, Australia)
  • ACHSM Breakfast forum “Engaging stakeholder in health care delivery” (Chair/Organiser) (Perth, Australia)
  • Keynote speaker at Arab Health: “Options for Sustainable Health Insurance Designs”
    (Dubai, UAE)
  • Keynote speaker at CEDA event: “Transformation of Healthcare” (Perth, Australia)
  • Keynote speaker at CEP event: “Caring for the elderly” (Santiago, Chile)
  • Invited seminar at Universidad Catolica: “Paying for hospital care in Chile: lessons from Australia and Europe” (Santiago, Chile)
  • Keynote speaker at the Chilean Senate organised by the governing coalition: “Chilean Health Insurance System: Challenges, Opportunities and International Experiences”
    (Santiago, Chile)
  • Presentation to the ex-president and candidate for presidency (Pres. Pinera) and his team: “Propuesta de reforma de el sistema de salud en Chile” (Santiago, Chile)
  • Presentation to the Italian Technical Committee on the Allocation of Health Funds: “Risk Adjustment: methods, best practices and international context”


  • Keynote Speaker at the Universidad de Los Andes conference on “Healthcare Reforms
    in Chile” (Santiago, Chile)
  • Keynote Speaker at the Universidad Andres Bello on “Reforming the Chilean Healthcare System: Experiences from Europe and Australia” (Santiago, Chile)
  • Keynote at the CEP-workshop and launch of technical paper on “More equity and efficiency in the Chilean Private Health Insurance Market through sophisticated risk equalisation”
    (Santiago, Chile)
  • Symposium: “Reframing the Health Debate” (Presenter and Organiser) (Murdoch University, Perth, Australia)
  • Keynote address at Africa Health congress: “Designing a National Health Insurance
  • Speaker at “Footprints: A Leadership Development Workshop”, organized by ASMA
    (Perth, Australia)
  • Keynote Speaker at Conference “Social health insurances for Chile: a proposal” and Workshop “Risk adjustment models in health for Chile” (CEP, Santiago Chile)
  • Risk Adjustment Network annual meeting: “Managed competition and risk equalisation in Chile” (Presenter) (Berlin, Germany)


  • IHEA-Milan (Italy):
    o Session Organiser: “Decision making in healthcare and DCE”;
    o Presenter: “The impact of socio-economic indicators on hospital financing in the Basque Country
  • Executive Murdoch Series on “Health Policy in the Middle East” (Dubai, UAE)
  • Speaker at the Austrade conference on Health “Healthcare Financing Reforms: A Perpetual Emotion” (Dubai, UAE)


  • Chair, Presenter, and Discussant at the Annual Risk-Adjustment meeting (Delft, The
  • Workshop “Reforming the Latvian Healthcare System: moving towards a regulated competitive health insurance market” (Riga, Latvia)
  • Seminar “Beyond DRG’s: The effect of Clinical and Socio-economic factors on Length of Stay in Australia” University of Western Australia (speaker) (Perth, Australia)
  • iHEA 2014 (Dublin, Ireland): Chair and organiser of two sessions


  • Seminar “Are DRG’s enough?: Socio-economic factors to improve efficiency and equity in the funding allocation formula in Australia” at University of Griffith (Brisbane, Australia)
  • Seminar at the American University of Cairo “Healthcare Financing: from ex-post to ex-ante compensation in competitive insurance markets in Australia, Ireland and South Africa” (Cairo, Egypt)


  • Plenary Session Speaker at the Joint Conference of the OECD and The MOHEALTH Israel Financing Models of Healthcare Systems: “The Interface Between Voluntary Private Health Insurance & Mandatory Public Health Insurance: Challenges, Opportunities and Options for National Policy Design” - 22-23 October. (Tel-aviv, Israel)
  • Workshop Keynote at Annual Conference of the Associacion de Economia de la Salud
    de Espana (Spanish Health Economics Association) ‘Risk adjustment techniques and
    international experiences’ (Bilbao, Spain)
  • Presenter at the European Conference on Health Economics (ECHE) ‘Eliciting preferences among Chinese policymakers’ (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Presenter at the Risk Adjustment Network Meeting (RAN) ‘Methods to define packages in NHS and SHI countries’ and ‘Health Reforms in Australia: update’(Luzern, Switzerland)
  • Presenter at the Annual Conference of the Associacion de Economia de la Salud de Espana (Spanish Health Economics Association) ‘Are DRGs enough? The impact of Socio-economic factors in hospital financing in Australia’ (Bilbao Spain)
  • Seminar “Ex-ante risk-adjustment in health financing in Australia” at Queensland University (invited speaker) (Brisbane, Australia
  • Seminar “Ex-ante risk-adjustment in health financing in Australia” at University of Otago (invited speaker) (Dunedin, New Zealand)*


  • Seminar “Regulated Competition and Risk Adjustment” at the University of Moscow (Moscow, Russia)
  • Seminar on “Transiting from ex-post to ex-ante risk equalisation in Australia: results from an empirical analysis”, at DoHA PHI-branch (presenter) (Canberra, Australia)
  • iHEA 2011 (Toronto, Canada):
    o Presentation on “Demographic scales for ex-ante risk-equalisation in the Australian PHI market”
    o Organised Session on "Efficiency Improvement: Risk Pooling Among Multiple Health Insurance Plans” (Presenter)
    o Presentation at Australian National University on “Time Scarcity: An Economic Approach”. (Presenter) (Canberra, Australia)
    o Poster “A Roadmap to National Health Insurance for Voluntary Health Insurance Markets: The Cases of Australia, Ireland and South Africa”
  • Seminar on “Risk equalisation in voluntary health insurance markets: a three country comparison” at George Washington University (invited speaker) (Washington, United States of America)
  • Seminar on “MCDA from theory to practice: eliciting preferences of Norwegian policymakers” at University of Oslo, Department of Health Policy and Management
    (invited speaker) (Oslo, Norway)
  • Seminar on “Pathways towards universal mandatory health care financing: what can China learn from Australia?” at NUS, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (presenter) (Singapore)*


  • Invited member of the ‘International Panel on the Evaluation of the Dutch Risk Equalisation Scheme’ organised by PricewaterhouseCoopers, (the Netherlands)
  • Seminar on “Risk equalisation in voluntary health insurance markets in three countries” at Bocconi University (Milan, Italy)
  • Workshop PRIN on “Sustainable funding of the National Health Service in Italy: the role of demand and supply control: Lessons from other countries” (organizer and presenter)
  • Research Forum on ‘Reforming Aged Care in Australia’, Australian Centre for Economic Research on Health (ACERH) The Australian National University (organiser and presenter) (Canberra, Australia)
  • Seminar on “The role of private health insurance in the provision of dental care in Australia” at the annual meeting of the Australian Dental Association (Hobart, Australia)


  • Department of Finance & Deregulation, Briefing on the Dutch model of consumer choice of health funds and its applicability to Australia public-private mix (invited speaker) (Canberra, Australia)
  • II Annual Research Forum on ‘Risk equalisation’, Australian Centre for Economic Research on Healt (ACERH) The Australian National University (organiser and presenter) (Canberra, Australia)
  • • iHEA 2009:
    o Organised Session (OS) on "Ageing and long term care financing: an international comparison" (Organiser and Presenter)
    o OS on "How to define national benefits packages? A conceptual framework and applications to low- and highincome countries in Europe, Latin America, North America, and China" (Presenter)
    o OS on "Preferences and Attitudes in Health Care: A Cross-Country Comparative Analysis" Organiser and Presenter)
    o OS on "Risk equalisation in voluntary health insurance markets: the cases of Australia, Ireland and South Africa" (Organiser and Presenter)
    o Poster “Improving the Risk-Equalization scheme in the Australian Private Health Insurance market”


  • Stanford University, CHP/PCOR Special Lecture on “National Health Insurance in the Netherlands: A Model for Other Countries?” (invited speaker) (Palo Alto, USA)
  • Plenary speaker, III Latin American and Caribbean Congress on Health Economics: Cuban Society of Health Economics (Sociedad Cubana de Economía de la Salud,SCES) (organiser and speaker) (Havana, Cuba).
  • Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Public Lecture on “Economic rationales for the design of health insurance packages: lessons for Europe and the US”, (invited lecturer) (Baltimore, USA)




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  • Fear and Greed with Sean Aylmer and Michael Thompson – 2020
    July 2020 – interview about the Australian healthcare system
  • ABCDrive – 2020
    Tuesday 14th July about the new spike of COVID-19 cases in Victoria.
  • CNA938 - 2020
    Wednesday 20th May about the 73rd annual World Health Assembly and the significance of reaching a consensus in the fight against COVID-19.
  • ABC NewsRadio – 2020
    Monday 18th May on Strategies for Exit/Recovery from Covid-19 crisis.
  • Channel News Asia (CNA)
    About the SARS-CoV-2 virus and President Trump removing funding for the World Health Organisation.
  • ABC NewsRadio - 2020
    Wednesday 25th March about the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic.
  • Aria Pulita (Radio Italia anni 60’ & Live on 7Gold) – 2020
    13th March the dawn of COVID-19
  • Actuaries Institute – Podcast – 2019
    Podcast production covering the Dialogue paper about the role of private insurance in Australia
  • ABC
    5th of March - 2015
    Three Media interviews with ABC on article published in The Conversation - Dubaieye
  • Dubaieye
    February - 2015
    Interviewed by the popular and respected radio show ‘business breakfast’ on dubaieye1038 covering global and regional health care reforms challenges, opportunities and best practices.
  • SBS
    6th June 2013 -
    to discuss the EU crisis and the decision by the Australia Reserve Bank to further lower the interest rates by 0.25 points.
  • 13th June 2012 -
    to discuss the announcement by the German central bank to increase its share of Australian dollars in its reserves.
  • 18th August 2011 -
    to discuss the history, status and future perspectives of Australia’s superannuation scheme, in the context of Italy’s financial and economic crisis (2011) and proposals to introduce a contribution-based scheme (like Australia’s superannuation) to replace the existing retribution-based arrangement considered as one of the major potential risk for Italy debt to default.
  • 6th September 2011-
    to discuss the visit of the President of the EU Commission (Mr. Barroso) to Australia, and in particular on the efforts of intensifying cooperation between Australia and EU in the creation and regulation of a global market for ETS, and in joint initiatives to support scientific research and development.


  • 23 July 2020
    As part of Greater Bank #togethergreater series, to discuss the performance of the Health system in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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