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Articles in scientific journals

  1. Analysing a non-IR field through IR lenses: Education in post-conflict Kosovo" In S. D'Amato, M. Dian and A. Russo, Special Issue "Reaching for allies? The dialectics and overlaps between International Relations and Area Studies in the study of politics, security and conflicts", Italian Political Science Review/Rivista Italiana di Scienze Politiche: 1-16 16
  2. "Actors and sites for knowledge production on radicalisation in Europe and beyond" (with Alessandra Russo), In S. D’Amato and A. Sachoulidou, Special Issue “European Transnationalism between successes and shortcomings: Threats, Strategies and Actors under the Microscope”, Journal of Contemporary European Studies 2021,  
  3. "Authoritarianism and Academic Freedom in Neoliberal Turkey" (with Sevgi Dogan), Globalisation, Societies and Education 2021, 1-16,
  4. “Education for Whom? Engineering Multiculturalism and Liberal Peace in Post-conflict Kosovo,” Journal of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies 2018, 18(2): 239-260, DOI: 10.1080/14683857.2018.1474583 []

Book chapters

  1. “Education for Whom? Engineering Multiculturalism and Liberal Peace in Post-conflict Kosovo,” in A. Elbasani (ed.), International-Led Statebuilding and Local Resistance. Hybrid Institutional Reforms in Post-Conflict Kosovo. 2020 (London: Routledge): 91-111
  2. “Countering Violent Extremism and Radicalization in Kosovo: International, State and Societal Responses and their Consequences,” in I. Armakolas, Demjaha, A., Elbasani, A., Schwandner-Sievers, S. (eds.), Local and International Determinants of Kosovo’s Statehood, Prishtina, Kosovo, 2019: 67-97
  3. “Allargamento europeo, radicalizzazione e giovani nei Balcani Occidentali” in R. Colletti (eds.), La questione orientale: I Balcani tra integrazione e sicurezza. 2018 (Roma: Donzelli)
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  5. “Nationalism and Civil Society Organizations in Post-Independence Kosovo” (with F. Strazzari) in V. Bojicic-Dzelilovic, J. Ker-Lindsay and D. Kostovicova (eds.) Civil Society and Transitions in the Western Balkans. 2013 (London: Palgrave Macmillan)

Book reviews

  1. Civil War and Uncivil Development. Economic Globalisation and Political Violence in Colombia and Beyond, by David Maher, Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, in Special Issue "Civil Wars, Insurgencies, Armed Politics", Inter-disciplinary Political Studies Journal, June 2019, 5(1), DOI: 10.1285/i20398573v5n1p253
  2. From Class to Identity: The Politics of Education Reform in Former Yugoslavia, by Jana Bacevic, Central University Press, 2014, in Special Issue "Free to think, free to research: challenges to academic freedom in the context of contemporary global politics," Inter-disciplinary Political Studies Journal, 3(1), December 2017: 231-235, DOI: 10.1285/i20398573v3n1p231

Technical reports

  1. “The Political Economy of Education Systems in Conflict-Affected Contexts in a Changed World Order 2021: A Narrative Literature Review.” (with Mario Novelli), 3rd PEER Working Paper. Centre for International Education, University of Sussex. Brighton, UK, May 2021: 1-80

  2. “The Accelerated Access Initiative to Quality Formal Education for Syrian Refugee Children (AAI). Lessons learned, challenges and the way forward.” Background research and evaluation report. Queen Rania Foundation, Amman, Jordan, July 2019: 1-6

  3. “The Accelerated Access Initiative to Quality Formal Education for Syrian Refugee Children (AAI). A look back and forward. AAI Transition Workshop Report,” Queen Rania Foundation, Amman, Jordan, July 2019: 1-27

  4. “Universities between the State and the Market: Development Policy, Commercialization and Liberalization in Higher Education” research report, Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Fund, Oslo, Norway, June 2018: 1-81
  5. “Protecting Higher Education from Attack” (with M. Novelli) in Education Under Attack 2014, Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack and UNESCO, 2014: 93-102

Op-eds and policy briefs

  1. “Armi, Militarizzazione e Università,” in Paolo Beccegato e Walter Nanni (eds.), Il peso delle armi. Rapporto di ricerca sui conflitti dimenticati. Bologna: Il Mulino, 2018: 71-72
  2. “The European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, 1988-2013 – A Quarter Century’s Engagement in Human Rights,” Directorate-General for External Policies of the Union, European Parliament, Laureates profiles for Kosovo 1991 and Kosovo 1998, 2013: 68, 83
  3. “Societal Effects of Countering Violent Extremism and Radicalization in Kosovo,” in KFOS, In Brief: Takes on Kosovo’s Policy Challenges, Prishtina, Kosovo 2019: 46-51 (with A. Demjaha)
  4. “Societal effects of countering violent extremism and radicalization in Kosovo”, in Security Praxis, 25.02.2019
  5. “Kosovo: l’università rafforza la divisione etnica,” in Osservatorio Balcani and Caucaso, 15.08.2017
  6. “Higher Education is Reinforcing Kosovo’s Ethnic Divide,” in Balkan Insight, 4.04.2017
  7. “Education in the Line of Asymmetric Fire,” in Security Praxis, 2.10.2014
  8. “Kosovo general elections,” in International Commentary ITPCM (Pisa), December 2010
  9. “Dilemmas and Challenges in post-independence Kosovo,” in International Commentary ITPCM (Pisa), March 2008

 Under revision

“Countering radicalisation and violent extremism in the Western Balkans and South Caucasus: the cases of Kosovo and Georgia" (with Alessandra Russo), Critical Studies on Terrorism