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Elisabetta Ronchieri

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Dipartimento di Scienze Statistiche "Paolo Fortunati"

Curriculum vitae

Elisabetta Ronchieri is a computer scientist working as a researcher at the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN). She is currently a member of the Software Development (SD) group in the Software Development and Distributed Systems (SDDS) department at INFN CNAF, the INFN National Center dedicated to research and development on IT technologies, located in Bologna, Italy. I am constantly collaborating with students, colleagues and international collaborators (our publications are available on request).

Dr Ronchieri held a PhD in Automation, Bioengineering and Robotics from the University of Pisa (2007), Msc in Computer Engineering from the University of Pisa. Some research topics are summarized in the following list:

  • Accountability of artificial intelligence and computationally useful data science

  • Use of machine learning (ML) techniques and statistical methods acros problem domains: e.g. to determine the relation among pollution, atmospheric condition and the spread of COVID-19 in some Italian regions (i.e. the PLANET project of CSN5); to identify and predict software quality problems (experience done in e.g. UQ, IDataLib, ML@INFN).

  • Text and Sentiment analysis with classification and clustering of unstructured datasets.

  • Anomaly detection and predictive prescriptive maintenance in data center (i.e. IoTwins).

  • Validation of electromagnetic data libraries for physics applications (i.e. IDataLib).

Reviewer of scientific papers and deliverables

2019, Deliverable of European project, IoTwins project

2018, Deliverable of European project, DEEP-Hybrid-DataCloud project

2017-now, Journal papers, IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, Computer Standards & Interfaces

2017-now, Summaries of International Conference, IEEE NSS MIC

2015-now, Papers of International Conference, SDPS

2012-now, Papers of International Conference, HEALTHINF

2011-2012, Deliverable of European project, SIENA

2006-2011, Deliverable of European project, ETICS/ETICS Phase2

2004-2006, Deliverable of European project, EGEE

2001-2004, Deliverable of European project, DataGrid

Participation to scientific committees and editorial committees

2018, Editorial Committee, International Conference, SDPS 2018

2016-2018, Editorial Committee, Technical Report, Annual Report CNAF

2014-now, Program Committee, International Conference, HEALTHINF

Organization of Workshop

2018, Organizer, Co-chairs, Editorial Committees, Workshop ‘Accountability of Artificial Intelligence’, SDPS 2018, Bologna

2017, Organizer Committee, Workshop ‘Software Reliability’, IEEE NSS MIC 2017, Atlanta, Georgia

Activity of session chair for international conference

2019, IEEE NSS MIC, N-14 Physics Data

2018, IEEE NSS MIC, N-14 Software validation and reliability assessment

2018, SDPS, W5 Biomedicine, Healthcare and AI

2017, IEEE NSS MIC, N-37 Software applications and results

2017, SDPS, Internet of Things

2015, SDPS, Smart Grid

Training for INFN

2020, R course, 3 days,, INFN national course at INFN CNAF

2019, Lecture about Machine Learning, 4 hours, INFN national course “Big Data Management infrastructures and Analytics”, at INFN CNAF

2019, Seminary ‘Software Defect Prediction on Unlabelled Datasets with Machine Learning Techniques’, at INFN CNAF

2017, Course ‘R – dai concetti base alla rappresentazione dei dati’, 3 days at INFN CNAF

2015, Seminary ‘R’, at INFN CNAF

2015, Seminary ‘Report CHEP 2015’, at INFN CNAF

2014, Seminary ‘Report RPSD 2014’, at INFN CNAF

Collaboration with University

2020, Teacher for seminar, 15 hours, on Python for Data Analytics at the master degree in Statistical Science at the University of Bologna.

2019, Tutor for 2 internship students from the University of Bologna on Python to analyse data.

2018, Tutor for 1 summer student at INFN CNAF on predictive maintenance for data center.

2017, Tutor for 1 summer student at INFN CNAF on Python to analyse EEE data.

2014-2017, Teacher for the Computer Science course, 4 credits, at the Department of Economy and Management for the bachelor degree in Economy at the University of Ferrara.

2006, Seminar, 4 hours, on the software configuration at the Computational Grid Course, 6 credits, in the bachelor degree in Computer Science at the University of Ferrara.

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