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Elisa Ciaramelli

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Dipartimento di Psicologia

Settore scientifico disciplinare: M-PSI/02 PSICOBIOLOGIA E PSICOLOGIA FISIOLOGICA

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Neural reactivation in parietal cortex enhances memory for episodically linked information

Jonker TR, Dimsdale-Zucker H, Ritchey M, Clarke A, Ranganath C. (2018).   Remembering is a complex process that involves recalling specific details, such as who you were with when you celebrated your last birthday, as well as contextual information, such as the place where you celebrated. It is well ...

Self-organization of multiple spatial and context memories in the hippocampus

Stella F, Cerasti E, Si B, Jezek K, Treves A (2012) One obstacle to understanding the exact processes unfolding inside the hippocampus is that it is still difficult to clearly define what the hippocampus actually does, at the system level. Associated for a long time with the formation of episodic and ...

chelsea hotel

  I needed a break from toronto and school so I went to NYC for a few days I stayed at the hotel chelsea on 23rd st diego rivera was there arthur miller was there leonard cohen was there and then I was there It wasn't much of a trip- after paying the hotel I had about $80 USA pizza made ...

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